Important Things to Know About Filing a Social Security Claim

Filing a social security claim is a viable option for many retired adults and people who have become disabled due to an injury or illness and cannot continue working. The process of filing a social security claim can be tedious, but a Social Security Attorney in Los Angeles on your side can make things significantly easier. Continue reading to learn more about filing a social security claim and how an attorney can help. 

What is Social Security Claim? 

The OASD (Old Age Survivor and Disability Insurance) program in the U.S. is called social security. This program is run by the federal agency known as the SSA (Social Security Administration). According to the SSA, an average of 67 million people in America receive social security benefits every month. 

If a person’s mental or physical disability has rendered them unable to perform everyday activities, they may be eligible for social security disability benefits. Depending on the claimant’s financial and medical history, they may be able to file for Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance. 

The claim’s process typically involves five stages, including an initial claim, a reconsideration application, a hearing, an appeal with the Social Security Appeals Council, and an appeal with the Federal District Courts of Appeals. 

To file a social security disability claim, the claimant must provide the following information with their application:

  • Social Security Numbers of their children and spouse. 
  • Contact information and name of a person familiar with their medical condition. 
  • The name of the prescribing doctor and the medications they prescribed. 
  • Employment information regarding the former careers of the claimant. 
  • The previous year’s W-2 form. 
  • Complete information regarding any type of insurance. 
  • Proof of any workers’ compensation claims filed by the claimant. 
  • Details of the medical treatment received by the claimant, including medical tests.  
  • Bank account number for the deposit of the disability benefits checks.     

What are the Requirements to Qualify for Social Security Claim?

To claim social security disability benefits, the claimant must have worked jobs covered by social security and have a qualifying disability. According to the SSA, a qualifying disability is determined by a person being unable to work due to their medical condition and cannot resume their job or get a new job due to their condition. The disability must also have lasted a complete year, expected to last that long or result in death. 

How Can a Lawyer Help With a Social Security Claim? 

It is challenging to file a claim for disability benefits because the SSA typically denies more than half of the claims at the initial stage due to inconsistencies in the paperwork submitted. 

If you hire a social security lawyer, they can review your case and guide you on what type of information you need. Your attorney will also inform you about the SSA’s requirements for filing a disability benefits claim, explain the application process, and help you fill out your application and the required paperwork. 

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