Ideas for Pergola Covers to Match to Every Taste


Pergolas are an open outdoor structure designed to offer a place to relax or chill with family and friends. A pergola is usually a focal point of your garden, a classy entrance, or part of a covered walkway. In all these cases, the function of a pergola is to keep the sun at bay. However, pergolas are not blocked completely, and that is why sometimes you may have to look for good pergola covers for partial or complete coverage of the same.

A pergola cover comes in many variants as the tastes and preferences of the users differ. You can find pergola covers made of different fabrics, plastic, wood, or other synthetic materials which may look good on the pergola. The primary objective of pergola cover is to limit the harsh sunshine and heat, which is also best served by these covering materials. If you have a wooden pergola but the slats have gaps in between, it is good to install a cover on it.

Considering various covering materials

Each of the cover materials may have its pros and cons. Some may be easy to install, whereas some others may require professional installation by experts. Some may be easy to maintain, but some other materials may require complicated maintenance needs. Some of the pergola covers material may be highly durable, whereas others may easily be damaged and needed to be changed frequently. Each of the choices also comes with a price tag.

A pergola cover design is all about common sense choices, good taste, and creativity. Pergola covers to form part and parcel of how a pergola may ultimately look. Pergola also needs the same attention when it comes to choosing a cover. All of it starts with your expectations and needs about it. Further, we will discuss some of the most popular pergola cover designs.

Popular pergola cover choices

  • Wooden panels

The modern-day houses call for more attractive straight-lined pergolas, and some rigid materials can be used to cover it up. The whole idea here is to make it an ideal summer sport with light shading.

  • Wooden panels (juxtaposed)

This is another great style of pergola covering, which is highly decorative, and when you sit under its shade, you will be looking up often to enjoy the pattern of the covering.

  • Sheet wood covers

If you are looking for more efficient and good-looking shades as pergola covers, it is advisable to consider a tighter cover like sheet wood. Thin wooden sheets are used for these types of covers, which may tightly fit onto the top of the pergola to give it a fair shade.

  • Tiled roof covering

Pergola is ideally designed for wintertime. There may be a fireplace, and fire pits may be setting up inside or nearby pergolas. If you want to look for a sturdy cover, it is ideal to consider a tilted roof cover. Pergolas covered with the tilted roof can be used even in the toughest weather conditions.

Apart from these, you may also think creatively about other pergola cover options as decorative wood pergola cover, creeping berry cover, drop cloth covering, vinyl pergola covers, straw cover, etc.