How you can improve your chances of escaping escape rooms

Many people out there think that they can be good at an escape room  by being a great problem and puzzle solver. This can sometimes be a good skill to possess in an escape room, though an escape room is usually a team game.

The best way to room escape games in Portland is to use strategies that allow your team to work together in the most efficient and smartest way. An escape room can be very hard to overcome if you are not aware of the best practices to help you successfully escape. This article discusses how you can improve your chances of escaping escape rooms.

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It’s quite easy to get into an escape game and forget that you have a team to help you. In most cases, it’s easier to succeed when there is the help of someone else, so utilize all your group members. If you find any clue, it is a good idea to communicate this to the entire group. There are good chances that they can also have other clues that can help to solve the puzzle.

Besides this, if you can’t figure out a specific puzzle or clue, then you can ask your group members for help. In most cases, all you need to have is someone who can see things differently. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask your group members for help.

Search your surroundings

Remember that anything goes in an escape room. There can be hidden safes, doors, and other clues that are hidden in each escape room. Hence, it is essential to take a good look at your surroundings.

There are many things in an escape room, so you should flip things over, turn them around, and many more to make sure that you find surprises. However, do not overdo this because forcing something can take you off track.

Divide and conquer

It’s worth noting that you only have at least an hour in an escape room, so you need to utilize your resources effectively. The most crucial resources in an escape room are your teammates.

You can ensure your team works efficiently by not duplicating work. Make sure that the team members are spread throughout the escape room searching for different puzzles and clues to solve. If there are several people spending a lot of time in certain areas of the room, you can miss out on other key clues.

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Use your clues effectively

It is a huge success to escape an escape room without using any clue, though is impossible to achieve. This is why it’s important to find as many clues as possible in an escape game. In most cases, your group may stall where you may not have an idea how to proceed with the game.

You should use a clue to ensure that you have a little help. Sometimes, you can only have three clues, so make sure you use them properly. Above all, this strategy can help you succeed in escape games.