How unified communications can increase customer and employee satisfaction

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a communication conundrum affecting businesses. In a 2019 study mentioned on Training magazine’s website, 63% of employees were so disgruntled with corporate communication that they were prepared to quit the company. 

Since then, work-from-home policies have even further highlighted the usefulness of unified communication (UC), a system where various contact methods — like phoning, video calling and instant messaging — are all tied to a single interface. So, how exactly could this benefit your firm?

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You can more easily spread company-related news

Many of your employees likely want you to keep them updated with what’s happening in the company as a whole. Tellingly, statistics cited by Business 2 Community suggest that up to 74% of personnel have felt left in the dark when it comes to company news or information. 

However, when something big does happen, like a new recruitment drive or proposed merger, you can break the news via UC so that every employee can easily receive the news in some fashion. 

UC can help to accelerate the company’s progress 

Naturally, everyone wants to work for a thriving organisation. So, you are likely to be heartened to learn that, as revealed in an array of statistics, businesses taking up UC see, on average, a 52% boost in workplace productivity and a 45% improvement in business efficiency. 

As a result, operating profit grows by 25% — and, all the while, the business trims its network costs by 50% compared to what would occur with the continued use of a legacy phone system. 

Work-from-home policies are a more viable long-term option

Even now, in the post-lockdown landscape, many of your workers might continue yearning to work from home for at least some of their work hours. 

With UC in place, you wouldn’t have to fret about remote workers being left out of the loop on crucial matters. As both these workers and their office-based co-workers would be using the same UC system, everyone will be on a level playing field in terms of corporate communication. 

Employees can more easily keep in touch with customers

Picture the scene: a member of your team is chatting to a customer on the phone when a problem with the company’s phone hardware leads the line to be unexpectedly cut off. 

If the employee is already using UC at this point, they could potentially just switch to different hardware — even if isn’t technically a phone — and reprise the conversation from there. 

The Gamma-provided Horizon Collaborate UC system, for example, is accessible through apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. 

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UC offers improved audio quality

This is compared to what is available from traditional telephony. According to research mentioned by CustomerThink, 82% of consumers enjoy feeling as though they are having a private call with customer service agents — and, by using UC, you can give your own customers the impression that they are indeed being spoken to on a one-on-one basis. 

The better sound quality could also prevent either party from having to ask the other to repeat information.