How to Write a Check Step by Step Guide

What is Cheque?

A cheque acts as a legal document for the bank, by which the bank pays the desired amount to the payee from the payer’s account.

Every new banking customer must be aware of how to write out a check. As, the technology is growing and with the coming up of credit cards, ATMs, etc; the checks have lost its grace in the market. And this holds the reason, why most of the younger generation isn’t aware of how to write a check.

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So, a checking account is used to write a check in the US. Here, you can fill out check up to the monetary amount you hold in your account, and in case you hold up overdraft protection then you can also write a check for a higher amount.

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As check bounce is treated as an offense in the US. So, make sure that your check amount does not exceed the monetary amount in your account. As the bank can charge around $ 25 to $ 70 for the check bounce as well as the merchant too can charge you $ 30 to $ 35.

Steps to How to Write a Check

So, some of the steps that depict how can you write a check are as:

Step 1: Write the date:

Firstly, you need to write the date at the right-hand corner on the upper side of the check. the date is written down in the format as in letter form (i.e., January 10, 2019) or you can also write the date on check-in short form as numerically (i.e., 10/01/2019.) The date should be the one describing your check written date or check the signing date.

Step 2: Write the recipient name:

The person to whom you are paying the check or the company name or the name of the person is to be written in the check. You should write the name of the recipient in front of the title mentioned as “Pay to the Order Of.” Here, you should always use the full name of the recipient.

Step 3: Write the amount:

You need to fill out the amount of the cash value in the numerical form where the $ sign is mentioned in the check. It could be written down as $ 867.5. You need to write the exact value of the amount by using dollar and cent in check.

Step 4: Write the monetary amount:

You need to fill out the expanded form or in words the cash value. It is written below the line that mentions “Pay to the Order of“. It could be written down as Eight hundred sixty-seven dollars and five cents.

Step 5: You need to Sign the check:

You need to sign the check as the check becomes valid only when it is signed. The lower right-hand side of the check has a blank space that has your name written over where you need to do your signature or sign the check. The check holds no value until it is signed. And when you deposit the check to the bank, the amount mentioned in the check gets deducted from the bank. And if you do not sign the check then the check becomes void check.

Step 6: Fill the memo section:

This part basically acts as a note for the payer. Though, writing a memo is optional which can be performed based on the choice on the payer. This reason for the check is mentioned on the lower left-hand side of the check to fill the note.

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The Proper Way to Write a Check:

So, the proper way to write a check includes all the steps mentioned above from writing the date to the payee’s name, to signing the check.

Check sample

A check sample is attached here, which depicts you how to fill out the check, how to sign a check, and all the related date, recipient name, memo, amount to be written.

Can you write a check to yourself?

Yes, you can write out a check to yourself. As here the payee name will be your name where you indirectly order to payee the payee which is you. Here, the payer, as well as the payee both, are the same.

How to write a check with cents?

Writing the amount in front of the $ section depicts the dollar and cents amount mentioned, where you write the number of dollars after which you place decimals and write cents. (which shows up as 9.80 depicting 9 dollar and eighty cents)

How to write a void check?

you can cross the check and write VOID on the check, for making the check void in case of any mistake caused. Here, the fill out check can not be used for the payment purpose.

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There exist many ways in which you can send as well as withdraw money from the bank, as well as make payment. One such way is by writing a check. Thus, writing a check just involves the basic information on the check to be filled by the payer of the check in name of the payee or the merchant. Here, we have discussed above the steps associated with writing the check are mentioned.


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