How To Secure Your Devices In Times Of Rising Cyberattacks

Hackers have been on the World Wide Web since the start, and as technology has evolved, cybercrimes have evolved with it. Hackers have been more efficient than ever before and since people are still not aware of cybercrimes, it becomes easy for hackers to get access to people’s phones and other devices. 

Hackers these days have several ways and motivations for attacking people’s devices. Hackers could want to hack your device for several reasons, such as hacking your digital wallets or credentials, hacking sensitive data, identity theft, and much more. Being a business owner dealing with sensitive data, you may consider hiring an ethical hacker who has undergone some Ethical Hacking Course by reputed Institutes.

We will not go on and on about hackers’ motivations because there are many reasons and ways in which they can hack your devices. In this article, we will discuss ways in which you can secure your devices in such times of rising cybercrimes. 

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Use Complicated Passwords 

One thing you can do to make sure your accounts don’t get vulnerable to such attacks is to use super complicated passwords. We often make the mistake of choosing easy passwords so that we don’t have to go through the trouble of remembering them. This way, the job for the hacker is made easy because they can decode the password either by merely guesses or by easy tricks. 

Have An Anti-Virus Installed 

You should always have anti-virus software installed on your devices and run it every few days to detect threats and take timely action against those threats. When you don’t have an antivirus installed, you never know which app or website might be making you vulnerable to such attacks. 

This way you never detect a threat and take precautions and your devices become more and more vulnerable because of your ignorance and lack of awareness. So, make sure to have an antivirus installed to take timely action on threats. 

Turn On Two Factor Authentication 

Besides having weak and easy-to-hack passwords, another big mistake that people make is not having a two-factor authentication turned on for all of their accounts. You should have two-factor authentication turned on, especially for your digital banking, and your official email. This way, even if your password is hacked, you will always get a notification on your phone to allow login. 

Avoid Suspicious Emails And Messages 

Often we get text messages, emails, ads, as well as calls that pose as someone from our bank, a lottery, etc. Or, sometimes these scammers try to trap us with unbelievable discount offers. You must make it a rule that every time you come across such an email, message, or, advert, always analyze it, don’t respond to it, and be careful. This is because most phishing attacks happen like this. 

These attackers pose as someone from your bank, or as someone who knows you and is offering you some great discounts. These people direct you to websites that ask for your credentials or certain information, which is meant to be stolen. Mostly phishing attacks are done to steal your data or credit card information. Therefore, it is best to stay aware. 

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Secure Your In-Home Network 

Keeping your In-Home Network secure is the most important thing to do when it comes to cyber security. Because most of the time even if you keep your devices secure, another unsecured device in your network can act as a gateway for the virus to enter your device. When choosing an internet service, make sure you go for one that comes with proper network security and privacy. 

In this case, Xfinity is one of the best internet service providers. When you rent the xFi gateway along with an Xfinity internet package, you get an Advanced Security dashboard that detects and alerts you about any kinds of threats and attacks. The xFi Advanced Security adapts to your network to provide you with a personalized security system. 

Besides that, the in-home WiFi is super private and hidden from all devices outside your network, and for added convenience, you get guest WiFi hotspots for your visitors to connect to. 

Avoid Connecting To Public WiFi Networks 

As we discussed, a private network is important, but if you happen to connect to public networks outside of your home, your device might fall prey to attackers. So, when you are out, either connect to one of Xfinity’s super secure WiFi networks or avoid connecting to an open network at all. These open networks make you vulnerable to cyber-attacks because they have zero security. 

Have Different IDS, Passwords, And Keys For All Your Accounts

As we discussed, having weak passwords can make you vulnerable to hacks, similarly, having the same password and ID for every account will also make you vulnerable. It gets super easy for a hacker to hack all of your accounts if you have the same ID and passwords for them. So, make sure you do not link all your accounts and also have different keys, passwords, and IDs for all accounts. 

When your case looks complicated or hard to crack, the hacker will look for a weaker profile. Besides, even if one of your accounts is hacked, at least you will have the rest saved because they have different credentials. These minor details matter a lot. 

Clear Your Browsing Data Every Once In A While 

Always clear your browsing data because you never know when you might have opened a website with a virus. By clearing the browsing history, you eliminate any kinds of threatening or third-party websites that might be harmful to you. You also delete your entered credentials, so even if your phone is being spied on, there will be no information in your browsing history. 

In Conclusion

Cyber security in today’s times is very important for everyone because, on the World Wide Web, we have our sensitive data, digital currency, as well as identities that could be anyone’s interest without us knowing. To save yourself from any kind of inconvenience, make sure your devices are secure and free of any threats and viruses. Because you should better be safe than sorry!