How to Make the Most of Your Meetings in a Hybrid Work Environment

Hybrid work arrangements have become increasingly popular among employees around the world for all the right reasons. They offer work flexibility by combining days spent in the office with work from home. 

However, hosting team meetings in the hybrid work environment can be tricky because you can’t offer the same experience to all participants. For example, your remote team members may often complain that they can’t follow everything that’s going on in your conference room, or that they can’t see the entire whiteboard. 

This is where an efficient online whiteboard can come in handy and level the playing field for all the participants, giving every employee a chance to share their ideas and be heard, making them feel like a part of the team. 

Here are three practices you can use to make the most of online whiteboarding sessions, improving hybrid team collaboration and building stronger interpersonal relationships.

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 Brainstorming Session 

This widespread practice is based on dynamic, open communication where employees use post-it notes, diagrams, and drawings to present their ideas. Your goal is to create a highly engaging atmosphere that will lead to a final solution. And this practice makes it possible for remote participants to be heard.

If you want all the employees to feel comfortable during online whiteboard sessions, ask your office employees to keep laptops open only when you need increased eye contact.

Furthermore, encourage natural conversations between remote and office-based team members. And finally, eliminate all possible distractions.

Workshop Session 

The goal of a workshop session is for employees to learn more about a specific topic or a current issue they need to tackle. Therefore, this type of session requires a more structured approach that includes a presentation followed by a discussion. For this reason, it takes more time to prepare and host an efficient online workshop. And this could be especially challenging in the hybrid work environment.

If both remote and office-based employees want to participate in the workshop, put someone in charge of alleviating the entire learning process for each group, making sure that everyone’s opinions get heard.

You should bring the open laptop use to a minimum, using them only in case of independent work. In this way, you’ll make remote participants feel less isolated from the rest of the team, and everybody will be in sync with what’s going on in the room.

Presentation Session

You can use online whiteboards to present important aspects of your business or goals that you want to achieve. In this situation, employees should listen carefully, while asking sporadic questions when they need additional explanation.

Therefore try to create a distraction-free atmosphere needed for active listening. 

Here are some other things you can do to ensure that everybody can follow your presentation at the same pace.

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Final Words

You can have two screens in this session. One for the video call to make remote workers feel more integrated into the group

You can also ask your employees from the office to leave their laptops at their desks so that they can pay undivided attention to your presentation. 

Hosting meetings in a hybrid work environment can be challenging. But if you involve reliable digital solutions, like online whiteboards into this aspect of your work, you can create a more inclusive and more efficient atmosphere much-needed for success.