How to Get an Academic Appeal in Your Favor in the USA?

As we all know the chances that a student can get falsely accused on campus is not slim. Studies have proven that in most cases the decisions a university/school makes regarding the academic progress of a student at fault are heavily biased and illogical.

This has paved the way for students to contend the decision and revoke it in their favor with the help of an academic appeals lawyer.

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Types of Academic Appeals 

  • Grade Appeal – An appeal made to improve the grades issued to a student due to the mistake of a faculty is called a Grade appeal. A grade appeal is usually made after consultation with the respective faculty. If the case is not resolved by the faculty then the student can apply for a Grade appeal with the dean of the university. A strong and holding evidence is required to uphold the claim and expect a positive solution.
  • Suspension Appeal. It is an appeal based on the extenuating factors a student has to go through in his academic career. If a student is suspended from attending a portion of their course for a certain period then he/she has the right to go for an appeal contending the institution’s decision. Again strong evidence like a death in the family, extreme financial situations, and psychological trauma can be quoted to get an appealing result.
  • Dismissal Appeal – A dismissal appeal is made when a student’s academic position is too poor than the minimum standards set by the authorities. The students can go for an appeal when there are factual errors from the faculty side. A student is susceptible to many adverse conditions on campus. If the academic performance is affected due to such factors then a student can contend the decision on any level with the help of an experienced attorney.

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  • Probation Appeal – A probation appeal is the most important of all academic appeals. If a student sits on the brim of falling short of academic grades then he/she is put to probation by the faculty. The student can go for an appeal if his/her extenuating circumstances are providing enough evidence on their regression. The process is pretty lengthy as compared to other appeals. Testing the belief on an experienced attorney is the best option a student can take while pursuing his/her probation appeal. This way the process gets smooth and the outcome can be favorable.

These are some of the major points a student should keep in mind while pursuing an academic appeal. Always remember timely action is the key to expected results.