How Independent Agents Get You the Lowest-Priced Car Insurance

When shopping around for car insurance, looking into working with an independent agent is a great idea, especially if you want to get the best deal and a customised package that meets all your needs. 

What Are the Two Types of Insurance Agents?

The two most common types of insurance agents are captive and independent. 

A captive agent, sometimes known as an exclusive agent, is contracted to work for a single insurance company and sells only that one company’s policies. In return, the company will provide their captive agents with the support they need, which can include aspects such as a workspace, as well as access to administrative staff and more. So, when a potential new customer reaches out to an insurance company, the company refers them to a captive agent in the customer’s specific area.

An independent agent is not attached to working with a specific insurance company. On the other hand, they are contracted with multiple companies. But it’s important to know that this is not an exclusive relationship, meaning that the agent is allowed to sell policies from whichever company meets the customer’s needs. So, when you work with an independent agent, it means you have access to policies from multiple insurance companies. The main downside to an independent agent however is that some companies who use captive agents won’t let independent agents sell their policies. So, the options may be a little more limited.

But despite this, there are many things independent agents do that make them a better choice for affordability. 

Here’s What Independent Insurance Agents Do

Meet in Person with Clients

Independent insurance agents are all over America, so there’s a good chance that there are many independent agents in your area. So, this means that you’re more likely to get a personalised service if you go with an independent agent.

One example is if a policyholder has a car accident and is overwhelmed with injury or decisions to make, an independent agent can come to the policyholder and help them through the claims process. If you want a personalised experience, an independent agent is a great option. That being said, captive agents also allow for personalised service, so it’s not as simple as one being better than the other. 

Provide A Stop Shop

If you have car insurance with one provider and you used an independent agent to choose a policy, and you find yourself buying a home, the same independent agent can help you find a home insurance quote too. Unlike captive agents that only work with one insurance carrier, an independent agent has the knowledge to get you a wider variety of insurance. This means they can see if bundling your car and home insurance with the same company is cheaper, or if you should go with multiple providers. Many people stick with their independent agents for a long time, and it’s because they offer long-term solutions. 

Get You The Best Price

When you choose an independent agent, you can get an insurance policy for the lowest price possible. The way this works is that an independent agent may be aware that one company offers cheap and comprehensive home insurance, and another company offers the lowest rates and best coverage in auto insurance. By working with both of these companies for separate policies, you can get the lowest price overall. This is how people get the cheapest car insurance in Schenectady. 

Offer Personalised Services

Many people purchase insurance online, but it’s important to know that there are limitations to buying auto insurance over the Internet. The major issue is the lack of personalisation. If you purchase a policy online, you aren’t necessarily getting a specific policy that suits you, you’re most likely to be getting the closest thing you can find. This works for a lot of people, but if you want to be sure that your type of policy is right for you, an independent agent will help you find something specific to you. 

Advocate on Behalf of A Policyholder

The big difference between captive and independent agents is that independent agents are always on the side of their clients when it comes time to make a claim. If an insurance company is being difficult, it’s the agent who takes on the role of negotiation, and this is peace of mind if anything goes wrong down the line. This is by far the best part of choosing an independent agent: you get someone in your corner. 

Who Should You Choose? 

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