How Contingency Fees Benefit the Lawyer and Client

Contingency fees are a type of agreement allowing the client to pay the lawyer only when they win a legal case, a known contingency fee. If the lawyer does not win the case, or if they win, but it is not worth what was agreed upon, the client will not be obligated to pay anything. This way, there is no guarantee that the lawyer will get paid. They can be beneficial for both parties if done correctly. However, there can also be some problems with this arrangement.

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5 Ways How Contingency Fees Benefit the Lawyer and Client

  1. Contingency Fees are a Guarantee That the Lawyer Will Get Paid

The client will pay nothing if the lawyer does not win the case or it is not worth what was agreed upon. It allows an attorney to receive payment even if they do not win a case. However, when an attorney can obtain contingency fees, it can be very tempting to take on more points than they can handle. When this happens, there may not be enough time put into each case to increase their chances of winning.

  1. Up-Front Costs are Not Needed to Get Help

Contingency fees allow the working class and low-income people to receive legal assistance without worrying about upfront costs. It is an excellent benefit for those who cannot afford up-front fees or for cases involving no insurance benefits.

  1. Maximum Amounts are Allowed to be Paid

Contingency fees can benefit people who may not have enough money to pay for an attorney of their own. The lawyer can receive a large sum of money if they win the case, and the client will not have to pay anything if they fail. 

  1. It is Still Possible to Win a Case Even if the Lawyer Does Not Get Paid

Contingency fees are beneficial because they incentivize the lawyer to do their best to win a case. It can help increase their chances of winning and help them receive payment for their work. However, if the patient does not end in a win, the client does not have to pay anything, and the lawyer will still be able to receive payment – either through another case or through another arrangement.

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  1. The Lawyer is Given an Incentive to Do Their Best

If a lawyer has the opportunity to receive a large sum of money from one case, it is a good incentive for them to win that case. They will be more likely to do their best to ensure they receive the payment they deserve. However, if the patient does not end in a win and there was no arrangement made as to whether or not the lawyer will still receive payment for their time, then their investment could be lost.

By taking a closer look at how contingency fees benefit the lawyer and the client, it is easy to see that this type of fee agreement can be very beneficial for clients with no insurance benefits and those with low income. Law firms like The Levin Firm offer contingency fee agreements in place, making it easy for clients to receive legal services without worrying about paying up-front costs. 

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