Here’s How To Move Affordably Without Damaging Your Breakables

When moving, it’s important to pack breakable items carefully to prevent damage. It also needs to be done within budget, so there’s enough money to get started in a new location. 

Fortunately, you can protect your belongings by following several simple guidelines. 

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Use Quality Boxes

You can follow all the rules on packing your items –but if you buy the cheapest packing boxes, something valuable will break. 

Many people who are moving use old boxes that are worn and thin. These will collapse when you put anything heavy inside. 

To keep your belongings secure during the move, invest in high-quality boxes, so everything arrives in one piece. 

If you’re working with  a professional moving company, they can supply you with quality  moving boxes. And remember, boxes only last so long. It’s always safer to buy new boxes with every move. 

Buy Different Sized Boxes

It’s tempting to buy one box size. However, expert movers say you should purchase several sizes, from small boxes for shoes to wardrobe boxes for your clothes. 

Using boxes of different sizes allows you to pack more efficiently, and they stack better in the moving truck, so nothing shifts. 

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Label Fragile Items

Professional movers understand how to pack and store your belongings. For example, they know to use care when moving a baby grand piano. But if you don’t label a box as fragile, they won’t know that there are breakable items inside.

Write ‘Fragile’ on every side of the box, so there’s no room for doubt. 

When packing breakable items, be sure to fill in any gaps or extra space in the boxes with newspaper or bubble wrap. The more secure your fragile items are, the safer they will be during transportation. 

Put Soft Materials On The Bottoms Of Boxes

It’s wise to use newspaper, bubble wrap, foam, or towels on the bottoms of boxes. Then, when you’ve packed the box tightly, fill in the gaps with more paper or soft material. 

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Wrap Items Individually 

It’s essential to wrap plates, glasses, and other fragile items individually. Take away any loose parts, such as lids, and wrap those by themselves. 

Your delicate china pieces need to be individually wrapped and taped up and put in small boxes by themselves. 

And remember to store the plates vertically instead of horizontally to minimize breakage. Also,  look for special boxes for packing dishes, called dish packs. They feature thicker cardboard to reduce damage. 

Wrap Large TVs With Blankets

Moving large, flatscreen TVs can be tricky. First, remove accessories and cables and put them in a small box. Make sure you label the box so you can easily find everything later. 

Next, wrap the flatscreen TV in several moving blankets and secure it with packing tape. Next, put the TV in a large box and tape it up. The box must be the appropriate size for the TV. 

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Don’t Rush

Moving is stressful and time-consuming, and it’s understandable to just want it to be done. But you’ll keep your fragile items in one piece by taking your time with packing. Then, you’ll be happy when you get to your new home and can decorate with your favorite items. 

If you have doubts about packing and moving on your own, call a professional moving company. Of course, you’ll need to pay more, but you’ll also have peace of mind that all your precious belongings will get to your new home safely.