Getting Into Rehab in Commerce City

Getting out of your current lifestyle is hard, and the best way to propel yourself out of it is to ask for help. Never be ashamed of asking for help, as it shows a strength to recognize your weaknesses. If you’re looking for a hand up, getting into a rehab program might be your best chance.

In this post, we’ll go through a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re trying to get into rehab in Commerce City. It’s not quite as easy as walking into a hospital or rehabilitation center and saying “fix me”.  Rehabilitation from substance use disorder is a hard road, but the work you put into this journey will pay off in the end.

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Talking to your Insurance Company

While there are times that the insurance company feels like your enemy, they are a great resource to have when you’re looking for a rehab program. Not only do they help you pay for medical care of all kinds, they can point you toward providers who are in-network for you to visit.

Some Terms to know

Copay: This is the amount you are responsible for in conjunction with the insurance company. This can be a percentage or a flat feet, and these will vary depending on the provider or facility you are visiting. 

Coinsurance: The amount you are responsible for when having a medical service done, presented as a percentage. This also may vary from service to service.

In/Out of network: If your provider has an agreement with your insurance company, they are in network. If they do not, they are out of network and your insurance company may not pay for services by this provider. Exceptions include a lack of in network providers and emergencies.

These are only a few terms, but should help you in figuring out bills and the like.

Finding a rehabilitation provider through your insurance is easy. If you prefer a phone conversation, you can usually find a number on the insurance company’s website. Also on the website is most of the information you will want to know. Many insurance companies have live chat and email available if you don’t wish to talk to someone.

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Roadblocks to Recovery

Sometimes there are obstacles in your way to getting help. Depending on who you are, some of these roadblocks might be easier to get by than others. These are things that are outside of personal choice for the most part.

Filled Facility

At times, there is no room at your chosen rehab facility. This may mean there is a wait. If you are in a hospital having gotten help, this may mean you remain in-patient at the hospital until space opens up for you. If you are not in a hospital, this means you may have to consider other facilities or wait until space opens. During this time, reaching out for additional help from support groups, therapists, and others can help keep you on track.

Friends and Family

This one might sound strange, but it can be a barrier for some. Sometimes, everyone you know is in the same lifestyle and aren’t ready to leave. If they aren’t ready to get help, they might try to stop you from getting the help you want. Just one more hit, just one more party, a last hurrah before you get clean. On the other hand, they might try to guilt you into staying by threatening harm on themselves.

In cases like this, it’s okay to be selfish. It’s not going to feel great, but being around influences that remind you of your old life can lead to you relapsing or worse. It’s better to step away and focus on your own health and recovery. This doesn’t mean you can’t help them, but it might be better to wait until you have your own two feet under you.

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Work and Transportation

For those who have a job, it can be hard to get time off for one reason or another. Sometimes you simply need the money or the insurance, and your employer will not allow you the time off. In this case, an outpatient rehabilitation program may help with this–it has you going back and forth between the facility and home, eliminating the need to stay overnight for several weeks.

When transportation is the issue, it can make outpatient treatment a struggle. There are a couple of ways to get around this. One of those is to simply ask for a ride from someone who you trust and who won’t try to get you back into your bad habits. The other is to consider an inpatient program, which can reduce your need to find transportation.

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Other ways to Help your Recovery

There are many resources that can be utilized in your journey into recovery. Here are a few:

Group Therapy

This comes in many different types, including 12 step programs, substance abuse support groups, and mental health support groups. The point of these kinds of programs is to get support from others, and even to help provide support. There are many people who have gone through some of the things you have and sometimes that can provide a sense of comfort. You’ll be able to strengthen your support network, which is an important part of recovery and staying sober.

Individual Therapy

Sometimes, treating the addiction itself is not enough. When this happens, having one on one therapy with a counselor can help. There are times you need to unravel your past and the events in it to find out the why behind how you got addicted. Using this kind of therapy can help you pinpoint what triggers your cravings as well, so you can solve the issue.

Surround yourself with good people, and keep moving forward. Sobriety is in reach.