First Time Home Buyers: What You Need to Know?


Buying a house is like a dream come true for many people. Besides, just like any other big project everybody will remember that the process of buying a house for lifetime, especially if it is their first house. Most of the first-time buyers may do some mistakes when buying a new house. If you are a first-time home buyer then here are some tips for you to avoid making mistakes when buying a house. 

  • One common mistake that many first-time home buyers usually make is that they think they can get a home loan easily. However, this is where they go wrong. What we need to understand here is most of the finance companies approve loan to their clients by assessing the property that they are planning to buy. 

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  • Taking loan when they are not in a position to repay it back is also one mistake, which many people do. Remember that, if you miss to pay your monthly EMIs then most of the finance companies and banks charges late payment fee. All this can make your financial condition worse. Hence, you have to make sure that you plan everything properly.
  • Taking a joint home loan would be more beneficial to you when looking for a new house. In fact, this will help you in finding a better property. The reason why many people recommend joint home loan is if you are unable to pay the loan then your spouse i.e. the co-borrower can pay it. Though getting a joint home loan is little difficult, you can actually try for it. 
  • Check with different banks and finance companies about their interest rates and other facilities. Doing proper research is extremely important. Otherwise, you may end up taking mortgage loan at a high interest rate. Consider small lenders as well when looking for mortgage loan.
  • Most of the first-time home buyers choose a house without thinking about their old age, health condition etc. By the time they will reach their middle age they will realize that the first home that they bought doesn’t suit them anymore and plans to resell it. Hence, it is very important to consider all the factors when choosing a house.
  • Understand how much down payment you have to pay and plan everything. 
  • Save some money every month and try to make part payments to clear your loan as early as possible. 
  • If you don’t have any idea about the properties in your location then take the help of a real estate agent. There are many real estate companies whom you can approach to find a good property in your location. 
  • Most of the finance companies help you to complete all the formalities online. Hence, you can save your time and energy now. Keep all your documents ready as your lenders may ask you for certain documents like ID proof, bank statements, address proof, recent tax returns etc. You should also have a proper contact number as well for this. 

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You should also ensure that you maintain your credit score properly when applying for mortgage loan. The better your score the more chances you will have for getting loan at a better ROI. Avoid applying for loan with multiple lenders because it can hamper your credit score. There are some fake finance companies as well online. Beware of such companies as they can steal your crucial information and land you in trouble. Some lenders make money by simply adding late payment fee, hidden fee etc. 

There are also few lenders who don’t provide part payment and pre-closure facilities to their clients. Hence, it is very important to clarify about this before taking loan from any lender. Make sure that you think twice before choosing any lender, otherwise you may end up paying double amount to your lender. It is also necessary to check the terms and conditions before taking loan as it contains some important information.             

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