Exploring the Must-See Attractions in Ohio: A Traveler’s Guide

Ohio is one of the country’s most beautiful states. However, it’s not on the top of most people’s visit lists. That’s a shame.

There’s a lot more to Ohio than you might think. It’s a perfect destination for road trips. And since it isn’t as well-known, it isn’t overrun with tourists.

If you’ve never been to Ohio, you should start planning a trip. To help you plan, here are some of the sights that should be on your route.

  1. The Cities

Ohio is home to several interesting cities.

Most people visit the big three “C” cities. These are Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Colombus. They are the state’s biggest cities.

Each one has its own flare. As the capital, Colombus probably has the most to offer. You can visit the State Capitol.

If you’re planning on flying to Ohio, you’ll probably fly to one of these cities. They are a good place to start or make your home base for smaller road trips.

The cities offer lots of conveniences. It’s easy to find good restaurants, go grocery shopping, and there are good entertainment offerings.

Dayton is also worth a visit if you have the time.

  1. Wine Country

Ohio isn’t exactly Napa Valley.

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some great wine here. Ohio has a small but thriving wine industry.

Most wineries here are small and family owned. You won’t have to deal with the long waits and large groups that you have in California. The hospitality is also much more down to earth.

There are many great bed and breakfasts that are also wineries. Additionally, there is a thriving cannabis industry in Ohio.

Here’s information from Veriheal on the state’s cannabis industry. There is a lot of untouched nature in Ohio.

Unspoiled nature means good ground for cannabis growth. The dispensaries here are relatively small, but the quality is good. And you should always buy cannabis from a local dispensary.

One reason to buy from a dispensary is to support local businesses. But the main reason is quality control. If you buy from the streets, you have no idea what you are purchasing.

Dispensaries have to follow strict safety protocols. They are also able to give you detailed product information about what you’re buying.

Ohio is the perfect place to relax with some cannabis.

  1. National Parks

For nature lovers, Ohio is a must.

The national parks in Ohio are the embodiment of what you think of when you think of the great American outdoors.

Since Ohio isn’t a huge tourist destination, the parks aren’t that crowded. It’s relatively easy to reserve a camping or grill spot.

If you’re into culture, most of the parks have museums or art exhibitions. For history buffs, the Dayton Aviation center is a must. This is literally the birthplace of flight.

Most national parks are relatively cheap to visit. Guided tours with park rangers are almost always free.

This is a great activity for families.

  1. Food Tours

Ohio is slowly becoming a foodie’s destination.

It’s not the place you usually think of when you think of great food. But that’s slowly changing.

Here’s a list from Eater of the best restaurants in Cleveland. All of the big cities have thriving food cultures. But the smaller towns and countryside are also becoming food destinations.

There isn’t one dish in particular that the state is known for. Like most states, Ohio is a melting pot. It’s possible to find food from all over the world in Ohio.

No matter what you want, you’ll be able to find it.

  1. Amish Country

Amish cuisine is one of the state’s unique offerings.

Ohio is home to one of the country’s largest Amish communities. Once you taste Amish food, you might never go to a modern restaurant again.

Since the Amish don’t use technology, they cook everything the old-fashioned way. The ingredients are homemade and fairly simple.

The Amish are also known for their traditional craftsmanship. It’s a great place to buy furniture or other traditional products.

You can even stay with an Amish family if you want to experience this down-to-earth lifestyle.


If Ohio isn’t on your bucket list, it should be. Start planning a trip today.