Everything You Should Know About Shipping Your Car in California

If you can’t take your car with you when moving to, out of, or within California, auto transport companies provide essential services to get it to its new destination safely. Read on to learn more about this easy process before undertaking it, yourself.

Find a Reputable Company

There are a lot of car shipping companies on the market, so it’s vital that you choose one you can trust before handing over your car for transport. Check customer reviews online or on consumer sites, license and insurance status of the business in question as well as choosing one with physical locations so you can visit and form relationships with their staff members.

Once you have located several potential companies, request quotes. Your final quote for your auto transport in California may depend on several factors including which shipping company and transport option best suit your needs and whether open or enclosed transport is chosen. Additionally, rates can differ based on when and where it will arrive.

Some companies provide customers with an easy and straightforward way to keep track of the status of their vehicle shipments, with some even having dedicated auto transport advisors available 24/7 and GPS-tracking available on every shipment so customers can track its progress real time.

Request Quotes

Once you have selected potential car transport companies, it’s time to request quotes. This can be done either online or by telephone and both will collect basic information about your car and where it’s being shipped as well as whether open or enclosed transport is preferred; open transport typically comes out cheaper but leaves your car exposed to weather and road conditions while enclosed transport offers additional protection against weather elements.

Once you provide all the information requested by a company, they will estimate a shipping cost. If it meets your needs, book it right away; otherwise continue searching for better offers. It’s important to remember that initial quotes may not cover service fees or insurance costs which could increase total cost significantly.

Once your vehicle is ready to ship, the company will arrange for a carrier to collect and inspect it in good condition before transporting it to its new home. When this process has completed, they’ll contact you as soon as it has begun so they can keep an eye on its progress and inform you when delivery occurs.

Prepare Your Car

Car shipping can be an arduous process, taking the time to properly prepare your vehicle for transport will save you both money and stress. Start by giving it a thorough cleaning inside and out; this will make it easier for both yourself and the carrier to identify preexisting damage, as well as prevent further damage during transport. It is also advisable to remove personal belongings that might not be covered under their insurance in the event of loss or damage during shipping.

Make sure that all fluids are secure before transporting, as any leaks could damage other cars being transported with you or even pose a safety risk. Finally, leave no more than a quarter tank of gas in your car to reduce weight and ensure enough fuel if the pickup location is far away from home.

Once your car is clean, take clear, high-quality photos from multiple angles of it from all sides. Make note of any existing damage and take photos; additionally it would be wise to read its odometer so that you are fully informed on its exact mileage at both pickup and delivery.

Inspect Your Car

Car owners seeking auto shipping in the state of California should carefully research each business they select to ensure it has an established track record and clear policies. Before beginning the transporting process, owners should carefully examine their vehicle to make sure it will reach its destination in good condition.

Before having your vehicle picked up by a carrier, make sure that it has been thoroughly washed. This will enable you to easily identify any existing damage as well as easily spot scratches, dings or paint chips during inspection. Furthermore, remove any personal items which might become damaged during transportation.

Your vehicle should also be evaluated for all its accessories and gadgets, including power windows that operate correctly as well as headlights that switch on properly and hazard lights that operate reliably. In case there are any problems or any malfunctions that require immediate notification to an auto shipping company.

At this stage, car owners must take several photographs from various angles and locations of their vehicles for inspection purposes. Doing this will enable them to document the current state of their vehicles and protect themselves from disputes or claims that could arise after shipping; additionally, this evidence could serve as proof should any new damage appear during delivery.

When it comes to inspection, most reliable car shipping companies will come directly to the client’s home or other appropriate location if they choose door-to-door service; otherwise they can arrange for a parking lot inspection location for inspection purposes.