eToro Made Easy Smart Crypto Trading

eToro is a virtual trading and investment platform where users may trade currencies, commodities, indices, cryptocurrency assets, and stocks.

etoro provides a user interface and tools that are reasonably basic for novices, as well as more complex capabilities for experienced traders. But it’s the added features that set it distinct from many other platforms.

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Currencies on eToro:

eToro has fewer cryptocurrencies than major crypto trading systems like Coinbase & Gemini, but it does feature a large selection of popular cryptos. On eToro now, you may buy and sell more than 20 currencies, including

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Uniswap, Stellar Lumen, Chainlink, and Cardano are the most famous currencies on etoro.

For worldwide customers, eToro provides crypto trading pairings (for example, if you wanted to swap Bitcoin for Ethereum), however, if you live in the United States, you can’t access these combinations. However, if you transfer your coins to the eToro Wallet, you will be able to do crypto-to-crypto exchanges. If you want to swap coins, some exchanges, like Coinbase and Gemini’s Active Trader option, enable you to trade crypto pairings directly on the site.

Fees for eToro:

The spread, or the difference between what the cryptocurrency sells for and what you pay for it, is entirely responsible for eToro’s fees.This spread varies depending on the coin, and according to eToro, it may change depending on market situations. Rather than paying this margin both when you purchase and when you sell, eToro claims you will only be paid once for each of your commodities when you buy.

The following are the eToro fees for various popular cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin: 0.75%
  • Ethereum:  1.90%
  • Bitcoin Cash: 1.90%
  • Litecoin: 1.90%
  • Dash: 2.90%

Securities on eToro:

To secure your crypto assets, eToro uses a combination of warm/cold (online and physical) storage.

If you leave your holdings on the trading site, eToro claims they are “mainly in cold storage.” Many exchanges keep at least a fraction of their total crypto in cold storage for liquidity; these coins aid in trading activity.

The eToro Wallet, on the other hand, is a hot wallet that relies on the security of eToro. While the platform does not provide specifics on wallet security, it does state that wallets are “managed in accordance with security best practices” and include “maximum security features and standardized procedures.”

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eToro Wallet:

In addition to storing your cryptocurrency on your eToro trading account, you may also use the platform’s hot Paytm storage option, eToro Wallet. To use the crypto algorithm, you must have an eToro account that has been confirmed with your ID, proof of address, and other data.

The wallet service is free, however, some activities need payment. When you transfer crypto from your eToro account to your wallet, you’ll be charged a 0.5 percent cost, with a 0.1 percent conversion fee and a $20 minimum for any crypto-to-crypto transfers.


Before investing your own money in cryptocurrency, you may utilize eToro’s virtual portfolio option to purchase up to $100K in cryptocurrency and watch its development. You won’t earn any actual gains or losses unless you invest your own money into a real portfolio, but you can get a taste of the volatility of cryptocurrency.

Who Is eToro Suitable For?

For novices wanting to engage with and educate from other traders, eToro provides unique benefits. You may communicate with other users and read their comments on their own investing methods, as well as reproduce or just follow along with other users’ portfolios via copy trading. Just keep in mind that these are not recommendations, and you should be aware of the hazards of adopting anybody else’s financial methods. These users are not experts, nor are they equipped to provide professional investing advice.