Does Your Home Insurance Cover Porch Piracy?

As the number of deliveries rise during the holidays, so do the number of stolen packages. Porch piracy skyrockets during the month of December.

Porch pirates see the delivery on your front step as an opportunity to do their own holiday shopping. If the coast is clear, they steal your packages right off your stoop.

Nothing is more annoying than realizing a Grinch-like pirate has stolen the gift you lovingly picked out for a family member or friend. It’s even more devastating if things are tight this holiday season, and you don’t have the money to replace this stolen item.

Can insurance help? It depends — let’s get into it below and explore the different ways you can recover from porch piracy.

Homeowner Insurance — Personal Property Coverage

Many basic policies do not have a clause about porch piracy. That said, it never hurts to double check. Read your insurance policy carefully or call your insurance company. If your policy does cover piracy, it would be found in the section under personal property coverage.

Making a claim makes the most sense when several very high-value items are stolen. That’s because you usually have to pay a deductible before you receive an insurance payout. You don’t want to involve insurance if the value of your stolen goods is roughly the same as your deductible.

What if you can’t afford your deductible, even if insurance is worth it? Knowing you have an insurance check coming your way, you might consider getting an installment loan to cover the deductible. Compare your financial borrowing options online before you apply, as taking out a personal loan is a big decision. You want to make sure you can pay back the personal loan in time.

3 Organizations to Contact After Porch Piracy

Are you worried about borrowing a personal loan around the holidays? Is your stolen item not that valuable?

You have other options when you are a victim of porch piracy. Here are some alternative ways to get your money back without involving insurance. The following ideas are ideal for those small gifts that fall well below your deductible.

1. Credit Card

If you made the purchase with a credit card, this piece of plastic might provide a solution. The average credit card comes with purchase protections that cover porch piracy. As long as you notify the company within a specific time, they may refund you the cost of the stolen item.

2. Delivery Service

The country’s biggest delivery services often have contingency plans for theft. You might have a better chance of getting a refund from these delivery services if you can prove the delivery person left your package in a conspicuous area or failed to get your signature.  

3. Seller

Most sellers won’t have any policy regarding theft. The one exception? Amazon. The world’s biggest e-retailer offers purchase protection on items bought from Amazon Sellers.

Keep Pirates Off Your Porch

While these tips may help you get your money back, it’s easier if you don’t have to chase down a payment. So, make your porch seem unappealing to pirates. Install a motion-censored light, set up a delivery drop box by your door, and follow these 10 tips.

Alternatively, you can simply request your packages be delivered to a secured drop-off location. These small changes to your online shopping can prevent you from becoming a victim this holiday.