Discover Why Everyone Loves HomeLister

Discover Why Everyone Loves HomeLister

It is no secret that the real estate market is constantly changing with the times. Why should you be forced to stay stuck in the past when you can evolve with the customers that are taking the modern approach to sell their own homes with HomeLister? 

Jumping into a new way of selling your home can make you feel like a pioneer poking your head into a new frontier that you are unaware of. But instead of letting your fear of the unknown get the best of you, learn why HomeLister customers have enjoyed their experience. 

HomeLister has been very beneficial to previous customers that have used the service to list their homes, market and promote the availability of these properties for purchase, and get them sold. Now by reading their reviews, their wins can also be your fuel for informative motivation. 

Gain a deeper understanding of why HomeLister has made so many past users happy, wealthier, and able to have a simplified procedure to not only sell their real estate investments but to remain front and center in the decision-making process.  

If you are wondering why so many highly favorable homelister reviews are pouring in from happy HomeLister customers, here are some of the vital reasons.  

1. Online real estate flexibility 

Who says that you have to study for months to get a real estate license just to sell your own home? That intensive education is valuable for those whose full-time priority is selling other people’s houses. By using HomeLister’s digital platform, you can have all the tools to sell your home from your cell phone and only attend showings and open house events when you feel compelled to.  

2. Make your home ready for sale 

Even if money is of no concern for you, that doesn’t mean you have to overspend on the staging of your house to prepare it to sell. Without a real estate agent, you are still able to emphasize the most important features of your living quarters. 

Don’t dress the place up as if you will be moving back in. Make it appealing to the widest range of buyers by making sure it is clean, as uncluttered as possible, and vacant enough so people can imagine where they will put their own belongings.  

3. Paperwork is not a problem 

With HomeLister, you can receive paperwork management so that you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the original sales contract, mortgage statement, homeowner’s insurance records, professional appraisals, home repair and maintenance records, receipts for capital improvements, warranties, and a host of other crucial documents.  

4. Choose how much help you need 

There is no real reason why you have to trade a sizable percentage of your home’s final sale price for services that you may have not even asked for. Wouldn’t it make much more sense if you could just pay for the specific elements of the marketing and selling assistance that you actually utilize? 

This is where HomeLister comes to your aid. Now you can pick and choose whether or not you need digital lockboxes or open house events to be coordinated instead of essentially paying a realty service for them whether they get used or not. 

5. No hidden fees involved 

Another area where HomeLister really excels is in the cost transparency that it provides to customers right upfront. You know how much you are paying because it is a flat rate, not a percentage to be calculated once your home gets sold. You also will understand why you are paying the price that you pay because you picked the package containing precisely the services you needed instead of getting hit with hidden fees that inflate the price. 

6. No commissions equals more money for you 

One of the most premium benefits of being a HomeLister user is the ability to not have to omit a hefty chunk of money out of the final sales price of your home when it is finally sold. The normal 6% fee that is given to the realtor that sells your house for you can end up being a big bundle that can be better used in your bank account. For example, let us estimate that you are selling a home that is valued at $200,000. You are looking at saving between $6,401 to $11,401. 

Why should current HomeLister customers be the only ones to save money from the service? Make your next move your financially best move by getting started now that you have discovered why home sellers love HomeLister. 

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