Different Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

The interest in Cryptocurrency is rising a lot among the scrutiny of the Government and the mainstream media. Trading in Cryptocurrencies has become more than just a hot topic everyone is talking about. So, to make sure that you keep earning profits in Cryptocurrency trading, you need to stick to your trading strategy. Here are a few of the trading strategies Cryptocurrency traders use to make their profits.

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Day Trading

Day Trading involves buying and selling your Cryptocurrency on the same day. A trader’s aim when day trading is to earn profits based on the volatility of Cryptocurrencies. They aim to book profits on their trades between the intraday movements of the Cryptocurrency prices. Technical indicators are primarily utilized when using this strategy to buy and sell a particular Crypto.

Range Trading

In this trading strategy, Traders rely on advice from experienced analysts. These analysts give out resistance and support levels every day. A resistance level is the price up to which the price of a particular Cryptocurrency might rise, so it is a price higher than the present price of the Crypto. A support level is a price below which a Crypto fee is not supposed to fall, which is below the current price. So, a trader sticks to these levels and sells Cryptocurrency once it crosses any of these levels. They have to try and adhere to the stations by not being too greedy or hopeful.

Market Research

The most important strategy when trading in Cryptocurrency is doing primary research. You do not need to be an expert in Cryptocurrency to conduct market research on the value of a Crypto you want to buy. The Crypto market is exceptionally volatile, but the volatility can be predictable based on the news flow about the particular Cryptocurrency on the Crypto market. So, research the market well before setting a goal for yourself when trading in volatile assets like Cryptocurrencies.

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Avoid Trading Based On Hype

A widespread mistake that beginner traders make while trading in Cryptocurrency is trusting the social media hype to decide which Cryptocurrency, they want to invest in. The decisions related to your investments can never be made based on promoting a Crypto on the Internet. Considering the hot topic that Cryptocurrency is right now, there is a lot of false information making rounds on the Internet. Beginner investors should remember never to believe such hypes.

Buy and HODL

Another common trading strategy is buying a Cryptocurrency and holding on to it. The prices of Cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile, so sometimes setting a time limit on the buying and selling might lessen your chances of earning a profit. Another option is to hold onto the Cryptocurrencies you buy until they reach a price level that makes you a significant profit.

These were all the strategies that a beginner Cryptocurrency trader needs to know about before trading into the volatile Cryptocurrency market.