Complete list of the best bike insurance companies in India in 2021

Complete list of the best bike insurance companies in India in 2021

Getting bike insurance in India has become very easy these days. There are many two-wheeler insurance plans available from many motor insurance companies. But which are the best bike insurance companies in India in 2021? Read on to get your answer.

Best bike insurance companies in India

Here is a comprehensive list of the best bike insurance companies in India in 2021. You can compare and buy your two-wheeler insurance plan from any of these companies and you will surely have an excellent cover with you:

  • IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Two wheeler insurance is one of the very best bike insurance companies in India. They have a very high claim settlement ratio of over 95%. This makes it very safe for you to buy your bike plan from this insurer. You also get to choose between the comprehensive plans or the basic third party liability plan, depending on your requirements. The company offers regular as well as long-term bike plans. Overall, you get many options and a lot of flexibility when you choose IFFCO Tokio as your bike insurance provider.

  • Kotak Bike Insurance

The next company on the list of the best bike insurance companies in India in 2021 is Kotak Bike Insurance. This is another excellent insurer that offers high-quality two-wheeler insurance plans. You can get your regular third party liability plan or the more well-rounded comprehensive bike plan from Kotak Bike Insurance. The company has a high claim settlement ratio and their claim process is very simple as well. This apart, the company has an excellent digital presence and that makes it easy for you to pay your premium, raise a claim, etc.  

  • HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance 

HDFC Ergo Two wheeler insurance is very popular in India. HDFC Ergo is one of the oldest and most reputed general insurance companies in the country. As a result, their bike plans are of high quality and value as well. You can buy the plans online at affordable rates. The company also has a wide range of network garages where you can get the cashless facility. Apart from this, the company also offers some very attractive riders along with the base plans with the help of which you can make your two-wheeler insurance more flexible and custom-made as per your needs.

  • Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance

If you are looking for a truly cost-effective bike plan that is feature-loaded, you can look towards the two-wheeler insurance policies from Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance. This is a company that offers a high claim settlement ratio of 94%. You get extensive coverage at a very low cost. The company also offers riders, which give us a wonder scope of cover. You can buy the plan online as Royal Sundaram has a very modern and impressive website. All in all, this is indeed one of the best bike insurance companies in India in 2021. 

  • Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance

One of the oldest general insurance companies in India, the Oriental Insurance Company offers an excellent two-wheeler insurance cover. The company has both the third party liability plan as well as the comprehensive plans and you can buy them for one year or for two or three years. The claim settlement ratio of the insurer is very healthy and the claim process is transparent and easy. These factors make it very beneficial for you to get your two-wheeler insurance from the Oriental Insurance Company.

  • Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance

When it comes to general insurance, very few names make an impact as hard as Tata AIG General Insurance. The company has some excellent plans on offer, including very impressive two-wheeler insurance plans. So if you are looking to buy a good bike insurance policy from a good insurance company, you may very well consider the two-wheeler insurance plans from Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance. You will be able to buy a comprehensive policy or a third party policy. You can buy a regular policy or a long term policy. You can go with a basic cover or you can add riders. Tata AIG bike insurance offers a lot many flexible options and this makes it very beneficial for the customers.

  • SBI General Two Wheeler Insurance

As you can see, all of these two-wheeler insurance providers have excellent plans. To find the best option, all you have to do is run an online comparison, locate your ideal cover and make an instant purchase. The process is quite easy and fast and so you won’t face any problems. Just make sure you evaluate your own requirements beforehand to ensure you know what coverage you need. This will make your search more effective and subsequently, you will end up with a very good bike insurance plan from a very good bike insurance company in India.   

Compare and buy the best bike plan for the best results.

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