Choosing the perfect waist trainer for your body 

These days, companies are manufacturing different kinds of products to keep the body in shape. One of the products used more often is a curvy waist trainer, which keeps the stomach flat and gives effective results.

Everyone has different body structures, including normal, triangular, apple and pear shapes. Choosing the best suitable waist trainer according to your body shape is necessary to have a satisfactory and positive outcome.Identifying the body shape is another essential factor to choose the most suitable curvy waist trainer for your body. I will help you to identify in which structure your body falls and how you can select the best waist trainer accordingly.

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 Identifying the Body Type:

 First of all, identify and calculate your body shape. For calculation, you require a tape to measure, a notepad and a person who can help you out to do the measurements. These are the instructions through which you can measure body parts:

  • With the help of someone to measure the shoulders starting till the end of the same shoulder.
  • Next is to measure the most protruding part of your chest by levelling the tape all the way around. 
  •  Measure the waist by levelling the tape above your belly.
  • In last, Measure your hips as well from the widest part of your butt all the way around.

Measure your waist: 

You need a waist trainer which exactly fits your waist. Knowing the body structure is not enough, but you need a waist trainer that gives you the best shape by nibbling the waist curves too accurately. 

 Once you have taken the calculations, I will also resolve your confusion about which exactly trainer you should buy

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  •  A rectangular shape is one that has straight shaped hips and shoulders with the same width and no curves in between the body. Shapewear is best for such body structure as it tightens the belly and gives desired shape to the body by making the chest and hips prominent. 
  • The Triangle body shape is the one in which the hips shape is narrower than your shoulders. Waist cinchers are the best for such body structure as it makes your chest prominent and makes the hips slimmer.
  •  A full-fledged waist trainer is best for the peered body structure, like those with narrow shoulders than the hips.
  • If your waist is less than your shoulder and hips and the measurements of hips and shoulders are under five per cent, you have an hourglass body shape.

 Support for hips

Although you must consider how the support garment holds your hips, we suggest you try butt lifter body shaper for ideal butt shape since butt lifter body shaper are very comfortable and provide women with ideal curves on hips.


We have given enough information on how you can select the perfect waist trainer and how you can recognize your body type. Once you identify your body type, it will become a piece of cake to make the right selection. Let us know, how our article helped you to get the right waist trainer in the comment box.