Can dash cameras reduce your insurance?

Dashcams have been used in the past as a security camera for the duration of the entire trip. True to their name, Dashcams are typically mounted on the automobile’s dashboard, where it sits and records the footage, which can then later be used as necessary. However, in the early 2000s, their functions and usability grew and their popularity. Most people now own a Dashcam for their cars because it allows them to capture roadway moments like checkpoints, driver’s safety, and especially car crashes.

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Let’s suppose you got caught up in an accident on a turn and the other drive was at fault. But that’s not the story that the driver is telling the police officer and is trying to frame you for the car crash. If you end up getting charged for the accident, it will forever leave a dent in your driving history, while insurance companies will charge you a higher premium for their services. In this case, if you had solid footage of the events that took place before the accident, you would have been able to prove your innocence. And that’s where Dash cameras come in. Below are a few ways that Dashcams can help reduce your insurance cost!

How do Dashcams impact your car insurance?

There are no such discounts or special offers given to people who have Dashcams in their car, but rather, Dashcams offer potential cost-saving benefits to the driver when they choose a cheap car insurance company. Here’s how Dashcams can indirectly help you save on your insurance costs:

Solid Proof of What Exactly Happened

At times, car crashes are beyond your control, and you can’t do anything to stop them from happening. If you get unlucky and there aren’t any witnesses around to testify of the events, then the claiming process can get complicated. Even if it isn’t your fault, you can’t do anything about it without solid evidence. It will be your word against the other driver who caused the accident! And in the event the court finds you guilty of the car crash, you won’t be receiving any types of coverage for the damages and will have to pay out of your pocket or with your insurance, which will lead to an increase in the insurance premium. One of the best and most effective ways to avoid this unfair justice is simply having a Dashcam in your car to record your drives in ultra HD. So that the next time you get caught up in a car crash because of the other party, you will have all the evidence that you need to prove your innocence and receive the coverage you deserve.

Fight Against Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is quite common nowadays, especially when it comes to car insurance because it’s so easy to pull off. If someone successfully stages a car insurance fraud and you are found guilty because you don’t have the required evidence to prove your innocence, you could get in serious trouble. You might end up paying thousands of dollars to fraudulent scam artists and face an increased premium by your insurance company!

That’s why it is recommended for all drives to have a Dashcam installed into their cars so that when an insurance scam artist pulls off a stunt, you have video evidence to show for it and prove your innocence.

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Dashcams can help you become a better driver

Driving safely is an art that takes years and years of practice. If you are new to driving and have been making mistakes for the past few months, it would be a good idea to install a Dashcam in your car and review the footage of every trip in which you made a mistake and almost got into a car accident because of it. This will help you identify the reasons you made that error, making it easier to avoid it in the future.

Your driving record directly affects the insurance cost you pay. If your record is clean from tickets and car accidents for the past few years, insurance companies will offer you a good driver discount, significantly lowering your insurance premium.

Car accidents aren’t the only threat

When you take your car out in the open public, you might encounter problems in two scenarios: driving and parking the car. If you have opted for comprehensive car insurance, car accidents aren’t the only thing you can receive coverage for. Theft, vandalism, fire damage, falling tree branches, and other similar damages are all covered by your insurance company.

Suppose your car falls victim to one of these events mentioned above and your Dashcam captures it all. You would have solid evidence to strengthen your claim, which will ensure that your insurance company pays for all the expenses. Even the process will be quick because it’s pretty clear what happened.

Teenage Drivers

We all know how reckless teens can be when driving a car. It could be their friends riling them up, or they are getting in the zone because of some fast-paced music. Whatever the reason may be, the point is, you can’t let your teens drive your car without supervision. Adding a teen driver to your insurance policy will add an expensive insurance premium because teenage drivers are most likely to get involved in a car crash, and it will be their fault! Since teenage drivers lack driving experience, insurance companies crate them as high-risk-motorists; they will add a heft premium to even out the liability of providing this kind of coverage.

Even though insurance companies won’t reduce the premiums if you add a Dashcam, your teenagers will drive more cautiously because they know that they will be held accountable for any reckless driving they do.