Business Telecoms – Pros and Cons of VoIP

Small businesses and large businesses alike need a good telephone system that is up to the
mark to carry out the daily communication for your company. However, today you do not need to
install a traditional telephone system for your employees to communicate. Instead, you can use
an IP phone that utilizes VoIP services. So what are the pros and cons of VoIP telephone
The pros of VoIP telephone system
There are many advantages of VoIP business telecoms as compared to the traditional
telephone system. Here are some of them.

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1) Cost-effective
Traditional systems require extra equipment and are expensive to install and set up, making
VoIP systems a more affordable and cost-effective alternative. Once you switch to VoIP
services, you will see considerable savings and an over 60 percent decrease in phone bills.
2) Easy installation
VoIP telephone systems are easy to install. If you have an internet connection, then you can
easily set them up with your computer and cellphones.
3) High definition sound quality
VoIP utilizes an internet connection to place and receive calls, and with advanced broadband
internet connections, you will see high-quality sound when making or receiving calls.
4) Scalable
VoIP telephone systems are scalable. Thus they are ideal for start-up businesses. You do not
have to worry about having limited access to telephone service when your business grows.
Because when it expands, you can simply bring in more handsets and purchase VoIP licenses.
So increasing capacity and the costs are in your hands.
5) Impressive features
Unlike traditional telephone systems, VoIP systems offer premium features, including auto
attendants, taking calls from anywhere, call recordings, and much more.
6) Flexible
Remote working is on the rise now more than ever before. More and more companies are not
offering remote work for their employees. So installing on-site telephone systems for individual
employees can be costly and time taking. So if you go for VoIP telephone systems, then the
physical location of your employees will not matter, and they can easily communicate over the
7) Easy maintenance
VoIP telephone systems are easy to maintain. Since there is no physical equipment, limited
errors occur. So you will not have to spend money on replacing equipment or on engineers.
The Cons of VoIP telephone system

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There are a few drawbacks to VoIP telephone systems.
1) High-speed internet connection
In order to use VoIP, you will require at least 100 Kbps per phone line. So VoIP system will not
work to the fullest on satellite or dial-up internet connections.
2) Limitations on emergency services
In case of an unfortunate event that requires you to call 911 from your VoIP phone, you will have
to tell the operator your real-time location. VoIP telephone systems are set to send the
company’s mailing address to local safety operators. why use voip phones?
3) Out-dates analog phones
VoIP system uses new technology that does not work on analog signals. This is why you will
have to upgrade your handsets.
In conclusion
So these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a VoIP telephone system. But
as you have read, the pros of the VoIP telephone system outweigh its drawbacks. So switching
to a VoIP telephone system will benefit you more than you can imagine. If you are still unsure
about the switch, then you can consult with experts in the field who will guide you better.