Best IPO Stocks to Watch in 2022

After 2021 turned out to be an absolute success, the present market is looking at having a very slow start in the year 2022. Although 3 companies have gained dominance like AGS Transact, Adani, and Vedant, there are more companies that one should watch out for in 2022. Companies that have raised 11 crores with IPOs are also much higher compared to the previous years. This is also because the stock market has become quite volatile because of geopolitical tensions and the sudden rise in oil prices which has also led to inflation. Hence, many companies are also deferring to IPO plans.

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Stud Accessories IPO

This is described as one of the world’s biggest and largest helmet producers for two helmets. The firm usually has a presence across 40 countries. This also includes India. They also own laboratories that offer certification from European safety Agencies, etc. It has helped them raise 450 crores which would also include fresh issues of 98 crores and around 39 lakhs that are shared by the promoters and shareholders of the organization.

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Boat IPO

Boat happens to be one of the biggest electronics-focused brands in India that have recently filed a draft prospectus for approximately 2000 crore IPO using the help of SEBI. A company based in New Delhi, this one seeks valuations that go up to 2 billion which is to be floated within the year.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals

Emcure Pharmaceuticals comes next. They are bain capitals that are engaged in developing, manufacturing, and developing a market presence online with a range of products that are across many therapeutic areas. The initial offerings also comprise fresh issuances of equity shares which are worth 1100 crores and offer a sale of approximately 18 crore approx equity shares with existing shareholders, promoters, etc. This holds value as per the draft herring prospectus too.

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VLCC Healthcare IPO 

VLCC healthcare also operates in beauty and wellness as well as brand institutes for the purpose of skill development, nutrition, and beauty. They also manufacture and sell many personal beauty and skin care products too. The IPO also comprises fresh issuance of shares that are worth Rs 300 crore and includes an offer for the sales as well.


Muthoot also holds an important spot in the list of IPOs you need to watch. They provide micro-loans to all the women customers while focusing on all the rural regions across the country. They are also planning to come up with an IPO which has an issue size of approximately 800 crores only.

Now that we know the whole IPO pipeline, we can expect 2022 to be another year of breaking records. It would definitely be a lot more interesting to see which IPO can take off during the 1st part of the year. You can also check our blogs or download our app to get detailed reviews on all the IPOs as well. So that was a look at the new IPO you need to watch out for. For more information and updates, you can check out our blog posts as well.