Best Huawei Matebook for your choice

Best Huawei Matebook for your choice


Taking about the Huawei Matebook X-pro which gets a 2021 refresh and goes head to head with other products in the luxury market like MacBook pro 13, and dellxpx 15. For the fact that the first version of the Matebook was very impressive to everyone which also won the award of best in class laptop in the market and stay at the top for a long time on the list on the thin and light laptop. Sadly seems that they have created some very imposing shoes to fill the since gap. The sad part is that this product now only sells in the china and European market. On another hand, Huawei has promised that they will start selling the laptop in other markets as well in meantime let’s look at the laptop about what’s new and things that as update under the hood of the laptop. 

Why Huawei matebook best?

On the top end model Huawei Matebook comes will 11th gen Intel process with 16GB of ram. It is quite good of day to day used and can handle some chrome tabs as well as can handle streaming app as well. On the design side, there are few innovations but also didn’t meet the expectations to the people like webcam being placed on the keyboard.

As a result, it is unflattering to view and some interesting software that allows you to share the data through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you have a Huawei smartphone you can use it. Also, you can be Looking at the price tag the prices are as close to other companies around 2,250$ to 3000$ similar to m1 MacBook and windows surface laptop4.

In the design department, the Huawei Matebook is very thin, and light with a shiny surface. It comes in 2 colors, which are space gray and emerald green. And look confusing until one doesn’t see the product also, with a metallic gold logo embellished on the back of the screen.

For think and light laptop it’s quite heavy at 2.9 pounds. But it’s perfect to carry around and getting work done. The surface can be easily scratch and will need some protection case or cover. Talking about the screen it’s a 3000X2000 pixel display with a 3:2 aspect ratio of 13.9 inches. This laptop provides almost a bezel-less display! People say it’s a real joy to watch a movie, song, and doing work on that screen. On the positive side, there is also the touchscreen functionality which just adds to the drama.

The screen is glossy, which can catch the fingers and it means looking in a bright environment is a complete nightmare. Touchpad and keyword feel quite good comparing to the MateBook and lack a bit of the feel on the touchpad department all the gestures work fine but are not smooth as MacBook provides. One of the impressive parts of this laptop is that the battery lasts for more than 9 hours on our testing it was 10 hours and 14 minutes which is more than enough for everyday use especially for the students.

Last words: 

The Huawei MateBook is a gorgeous laptop. So, it can be a good rival in the luxury device market there are some hardware disappointments but, the display and good speaker also USB-Aport make up for it.

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