Are TikTok ads better than Facebook ads?

When looking for the new traffic sources, it is very important you find the best advertising channel. The best channel means that you have your right audience at the right price. As per Quantum Marketer, for several years, Facebook was a dominant beast in the game, however with other networks stepping in, particularly with the huge boycott of the platform by the global brands.

If you are in media & driving traffic, you might have questioned Facebook till now. However, where will you go and what will you choose from here? Is there any other platform? In such a scenario, TikTok is offering around $2,000 in their advertising credit for gaining market share from Facebook. Quite tempting to the marketers, but when looking at TikTok ads and Facebook ads, you must look at some relevant factors before finalizing one. If you want good optimized results then it’s better to hire a Facebook ad agency who can take care of the advertising part of your business.

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Differences between Facebook ads and TikTok ads

TikTok & Facebook are quite different in several ways. Checking the difference between both of them can help you to use your ads in the right way. 


Emerged recently, the user base of TikTok is a bit younger compared to Facebook’s, and quite importantly, TikTok is the mobile device platform where marketers will require a different way of approaching & converting their users. 


Whereas TikTok targets an audience at the country or state level, in limited countries, on the other hand, Facebook can target customers specifically (region, city, or country) and across the world. 

Data testing 

Whereas Facebook makes use of dynamic and creative optimization that is based on the graphical components are manually defined at a setup of the display campaign & dynamic information will be filled in the real-time for every shopper before creative gets served, TikTok makes use of automated creative optimization, and its algorithm mainly recognizes best-performing creative ad, creates several ads and allows you restructure the ad campaign in that way to generate qualified leads. 

Bidding structure

TikTok helps in setting up the manual bids whereas Facebook makes use of automatic bids. So, there is a huge difference, and matters a lot.

Ads comments 

TikTok ads allow you turn off the comments whereas Facebook does not have this feature 

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Facebook Advertising

As Facebook is a bit older than TikTok, it has more time for developing various features for the marketers to market on the platform. The advertisements come as the posts on the user’s news feed, and in between the regular posts from the Facebook friends & pages that the user follows. Also, the budget for every Facebook campaign will be set by an advertiser, with a minimum spend of $1 per day for the ad sets that are charged for the impressions & $5 per day for the clicks, video views, likes, and engagement.

Final Thoughts

TikTok ads are a bit cheap as this platform is quite new and are working on growing the clientele before increasing the prices. TikTok does not offer the same abilities that Facebook, but it has some other attractive features that are better than Facebook. Besides, if you base this off of KPIs, TikTok is a clear winner if the conversion tracking is not the deal-breaker.