Annual Travel Insurance Quotes and Plan for Multiple Trips

Do you need to travel frequently? If yes, then you must try to fortify that your travel is safe travel. People travel for their reasons, some love to travel to new destinations while some travel for business purpose, some to meet their families, etc. Whether the travel is personal or for business purpose, it is important to see to it that an individual should be protected and safe while travelling. Thus, apart from personal insurance, this travel insurance is offered for your personal belonging while you are on the go.

Therefore, we recommend you to get yourself travel insurance and for the ones who travel regularly, such as multiple times in a year, we do recommend you get yourself a suitable Annual Travel Insurance plan, but that plan should be from a highly regarded insurance company.

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What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is defined and understood as a type of insurance that covers you up for all your medical expenses, cancelled trips, in case you have lost your baggage and for personal liability insurance while you’re travelling. the countries you’re visiting, as well as the activities, are about to perform on a trip are decided by the length of your trip as well as the type of insurance cover you have opted for. Here the travel insurance can be of single trip insurance, for frequent or multiple trips or for backpacking.

What is annual travel insurance?

Twelve-monthly travel insurance refers to an insurance policy designed specifically for people who make two or more holidays or business trips in 12 months. It is also known as multi-trip travel insurance.

Providing benefits such as:

  • Pay once for 12 months’ cover
  • Travel insurance for an unlimited amount of holidays
  • Savings increase the more you travel

Annual cover pros

  • Can work out cheaper per trip
  • You only need to buy one policy per year
  • Covers trips in the UK

Annual cover cons

  • Repeatedly has a lower maximum age limit
  • Cover not precise to each trip
  • if you do not travel enough then it will cost you more

What is annual multi-trip travel insurance?

Annual multi-trip insurance is specifically designed for the people who travel for three or more times per year and thus, covers people who travel for holiday or business reasons. Therefore, instead of buying discrete insurance each time they can opt-out for multi-trip insurance to cover every trip they make during the 12-month period of their travel.

While it is to be noted that single-trip insurance cover is the same as multi-trip insurance but Annual Travel Insurance costs a little more as it applies to every holiday you take in a year.

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Multi-trip insurance can be grouped into three categories which are:

  • European countries
  • Worldwide and Worldwide countries that do not include the USA
  • Canada and some of the Caribbean countries

However, this will cover travel to countries within the territories you have chosen. if the countries are considered dangerous by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) then they may not be covered in the policy.

How many days are you covered for multi-trip insurance?

For an annual trip insurance policy, there will be a restriction on the number of days each individual trip can last which offer cover for a maximum of 30-45 days a trip but some travel Insurance policies also include a cover that lasts up to 60 days.

In case you’re planning an extended trip then you can opt for long-stay travel insurance or specific backpacker travel insurance cover.

Benefits of Annual Travel Insurance

1. Ideal for the recurrent travellers

Annual multi-trip policies cover multiple times you travel during the year not depending upon the purpose of travel as it could be any from a day trip or a family holiday; or a mini-break; or in case you are travelling for work. Annual Travel Insurance lets you relish the trips without having to regulate the cover each time you go away.

2. Booking Flexibility

you can book last-minute holidays or some of your business trips with just one insurance.

3. A 24-hr Multi-lingual helpline in case of Emergency

Annual Trip Insurance provides some elevated levels of cover for some crucial medical treatment. Moreover, an overseas staff of medical and your doctor is also provided in the insurance cover.

4. Protection

with Annual Multi-trip travel cover you can Limit the risks involved in the emotional as well as the financial consequences of illness or the injury, or the loss of baggage or theft; missed or late in case of flights or a cancelled trip.

5. Many Sports & Activities are covered

An extensive range of some of the Sports as well as some other Activities are covered up in the travel insurance cover offered.

What does Annual Multi-trip travel cover?

Annual Multi-trip travel covers the same things as single trip policies, including:

1. Medical expenses

In case you fall ill or are suffering from an injury during your holiday then your travel insurance policy can cover all your annual travel medical insurance bills. These medical bills include:

2. Emergency costs of medical

This includes surgical and hospital treatment or any costs related to the ambulance which you have paid for your treatment during your holiday.

3. Your Cost of getting at home

This situation can be termed as repatriation in which you are not able to or are bound not to use your return ticket due to your medical treatment or in an emergency the cost of getting home is paid by the insurance company.

4. Accommodation and travel

Accommodation and travel cost for a close relative or friend to stay with you is covered when you cannot return when planned. But This will only apply when deemed necessary by medical advice.

5. Emergency dental treatment

This is only for the immediate relief of the pain caused.

6. Cancellation and delay

  • In Case of Cancellation:

When during an emergency you need to cancel down your holiday, so that you may be able to claim back the annual travel insurance cost of your trip from your travel insurance policy. While there is a certain thing mentioned in the policy so you need to check your policy for once to claim the amount.

  • In case of Delays:

When your flights are delayed for more than 12 hours then your travel insurance company pays out for the cost involved. The policy covers the cover delays caused by the following:

  • Strike or industrial action
  • Poor weather conditions, like thunderstorms
  • Mechanical breakdown

7. Baggage and personal money

Here, the policy covers the accidental loss, theft or damage caused to your personal possessions which also includes your baggage. While a cover limit for every single item as well as a total claim limit is specified in the policy.

  • Single limit: Single limit defines what you will get for each item or each single or particular item.
  • The total limit of the claim: Total claim limit offers the maximum amount which you can claim up for multiple single limit items that will be a combined amount.

Thus, to conclude the following areas are typically covered in an annual trip insurance plan.

  • Coverage for emergency medical and dental care
  • Emergency medical transportation
  • unexpected lodging, meals, and transportation costs if your travel is delayed then reimbursement is provided.
  • Reimbursement for lost, stolen or destroyed baggage and personal effects
  • Reimbursement if your bag and things are delayed a certain number of hours
  • A bedside visit benefits
  • flight accident insurance
  • the convenience of 24/7 travel assistance services

While other than these basic areas some annual travel insurance plans also offer or include the following:

  • Car rental collision coverage
  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Pre-existing medical condition coverage

What does the annual travel insurance policy not cover?

you’re not covered under the annual multi trip for the following:

  • Some of the medical conditions which already exists or Pre-exists
  • Some conditions which are Life threatening for a person, these conditions are also mentioned in the insurance policy schedule and includes people up ​to 70 years of age, which are different and treated differently from the life insurance policy terms.
  • Claims that are arising due to non- disclosed and non-declaration of some of your medical conditions which pre-existed
  • Expenses incurred due to reasons like:
    • Suicide
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Self imposed injuries or self-imposed illnesses
    • Some Mental disorder
    • Some Venereal diseases
    • Nervousness
    • Stress or depression
    • Consumption of Alcohol or due to drug abuse
  • Expenses incurred when:
    • You are not considering the advice of your physician and Traveling
    • When there is a need for you to be hospitalised
    • In case you are Receiving or undergoing some medical treatment that is user specific
    • You are Travelling abroad in order to receive your treatment
    • You are being given some terminal prognosis related to a medical condition
  • You have faced or are facing any issues related to theft or issue relating to the loss of your passport and you
  • have not reported the same to local or nearby police authorities
  • loss of checked baggage
  • There exists some sort of War or can happen some nuclear threat to the country where you’re travelling
  • Any emergency financial assistance claims made after you’ve returned back to your country.

Note: However, these may vary according to the insurance policy you are opting for.

Who should buy Annual travel insurance?

Anyone can buy travel insurance though it is highly recommended for those who are:

  • Frequent travellers
  • Active, healthy, travelling retirees
  • Journalists and writers

How to Get Annual Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can help to protect you, therefore, opting for an annual travel policy is a much better way for you to make some of the multiple trips in a year. Therefore, you need to find policies, and research out some of the insurers or do try to visit an aggregator site, annual travel insurance compares policies as well as price, reimbursement limits, medical protection or some baggage protection, etc. So, to find the best annual travel insurance policy you need to analyse the following:

Step 1: Obtaining Quotes

While obtaining analyse the following points.

1. Try to find out the main types of insurance.

As you know there exists some three main types of travel insurance, and each one covering different events. Therefore, you should know what you are purchasing for i.e the purpose should be clear enough or what you are opting for. As it involves 3 choices to make which involves:

  • Trip cancellation:

This protects you in case you are willing to cancel your travel insurance policy before you leave as well as provide you with some reimbursement for your pre-paid as well as some of your non-refundable expenses.

  • Trip interruption:

This transportable insurance let you go back home early by protecting you if you are willing to end your trip early and go back to your home. Here, you will be getting back your amount covered in the policy.

  • Travel delay:

In case your departure or your return is delayed it helps you to cover up all your expenses for meals and lodging.

2. Find insurers online

Many companies offering annual travel insurance. So, you can find annual travel insurance online. As, there may exist Some carriers of travel insurance, who are larger than others and some of them are as:

  • Allianz
  • HTH Worldwide
  • IMG
  • Roam Right
  • Seven Corners
  • Travel Guard
  • Travelex

3. You need to Contact insurers for a quote

You can easily get a travel insurance quote online or else you can probably call the insurer and providing some of your personal information which the insurer asks for. Some of which includes:

  • age
  • number of trips that you have planned for the year
  • residing country
  • the country which you are having citizenship of
  • number of travellers covered

4. Use an online aggregator

By using online aggregator you can compare travel insurance quotes easily. As it offers the following benefits while comparing policies:

  • The annual premium will be shown up for the policy.
  • A link for policy details will be there to read the detailed information about the policy.
  • You can read the reviews.

Step 2: Compare the travel Policies

While comparing travel insurance policies you need to:

1. Recognize some covered events

Try to compare insurance policies which are based on some of the events that are disclosed or covered in the policy. As, your cancelled trip policy will payback for the cancellations that are caused by injury, illness, or due to terrorism, or in case of bankruptcy of the airline, or there is the loss of passport and some other specific reasons. Moreover, you can also check if the policy offers a “cancel for any reason” provided to its users or the rider as it will allow cancelling your trip at the cost of more money without any or some specific reason.

2. Analyse the rates of reimbursement

The insurance reimbursed amount also differs from company to company. Thus, you need to compare the reimbursement rates too while opting for a travel insurance policy.

Note: the higher will be your premium amount, the more reimbursement you will get

3. Check whether the baggage delay insurance is included

Do check for baggage delay insurance in the policy which offers to pay for buying your personal items meanwhile, your baggage arrives. It pays you with some amount of money that is sufficient to buy the goods. It also includes baggage loss insurance, that will help you to reimburse you for lost, or your stolen bag, or if any damage is caused to the bags.

4. You need to check if the inclusion of the medical coverage

Do check if medical coverage is included in the insurance policy for travel as companies offer medical coverage that deals with all elements or aspects, which includes:

  • emergency medical as well as a dental emergency
  • some medical transportation in case of emergency

5. Analyze other benefits

Sometimes other benefits are also included in Annual travel insurance that could be:

  • Flight accident insurance: It protects your heirs in case you die in a flight accident and acts as a term life benefit to them.
  • Return of minor children coverage: It makes sure that your children will be returned home with a chaperone.
  • Bedside visit benefit: This covers the transportation costs of one person to visit you when you are hospitalized.

6. Make a choice

After analysing the costs of each annual travel insurance policy, reimbursement rates and the comprehensiveness of the annual travel insurance coverage. Now, you need to opt for a policy that provides you with the protection that you need.

Step 3: Using Your Policy

1. Carry your policy with you.

You need to Carry your policy with you when you are travelling as you might need to call your insurer when in need. you can also create a digital scan of your policy in case of easy handling and worry-free travelling.

2. Gather necessary documents to make a claim.

You should have all the necessary documents to make a claim to the travel insurance company. You need to keep a copy of your documents, passport and other relevant things that will assist you to make the claim.

3. Make a claim

You need to fill out the claim form and provide all requested information in it. You can also get additional information from your insurer.

What you should opt for a single trip or annual travel insurance?

While taking a trip you need to make a choice among a single trip or annual travel insurance policy and choose the one that is beneficial for you. In order to analyse the right choice, you need to consider and look into what each one offers. Thus, analyse them on factors:

Which policy is cheaper?

The price of your travel policy depends on the number of trips you make. If you plan for just a single or one holiday abroad then a single trip policy will turn out to be the best favourable outcome to you as the best value travel insurance policy option.

And on the contrary, if you are taking up quite a few or more than two or three trips abroad then annual travel insurance will be the best option for a travel insurance plan.

For this, you can consider the following table and compare the price involved in annual holiday insurance as well as single travel insurance.

Here, it will be much cheap to take out single trip insurance policies when you are planning to travel just for once or twice in a particular year:

If we take 2 trips say Feb and March £19.85 + £21.40 = £41.25

And the annual cost of insurance is £43.34

So, our saving will be £43.34 – £41.25 = £2.09.

And, when you need to make more than 3 trips or 3 trips say March, February and November. Then your cost will be:

Cost for 3 trips say March, Feb and Nov: £21.40 + £19.85 + £18.60 = £59.85

And the annual cost of insurance is £43.34

This will cost us: £59.85 – £43.34 = £16.51 more than the annual policy.

Thus, by now it will be clear to you that your trips decide the policy you choose for your general travel insurance.

Other factors to consider

  • Medical conditions which are Pre-existing:

Annual insurance cover can be expensive that has included some medical conditions in it. Therefore, you need to check to see if it is cheaper or not.

  • Your age:

Your age matters a lot as some insurers do not choose to offer the annual travel insurance for travellers over 75 or 80 years old.

  • Winter sports:

An annual policy can be more expensive if you are Adding winter sports to your policy.

How to get travel insurance?

There are various Method to get yourself a travel insurance. And some of them are by:

1. Credit card:

They do offer trip cancellation and rental car insurance both for free. But you can only choose what the credit card company is offering.


  • coverage is free


  • You cannot customize the travel insurance to meet your needs.
  • Credit cards offer secondary car rental insurance

2. Travel agent and travel reservation sites:

You can also buy travel insurance while you are you booking your flight, hotel and car rental.


  • quick and easy buying of travel insurance policy
  • coverage is inexpensive.


  • Cannot customize the coverage.

3. Travel insurance company:

Here, you can buy travel insurance directly from many companies directly from their mentioned websites.


  • Choose a policy that fits your needs.
  • Insurer websites offer information to help you understand the coverage.


  • Need to go to multiple websites to compare travel insurance policy and price

How can you cancel your travel insurance policy?

If you need to cancel your travel insurance policy, you need to contact down with your own travel insurance provider. While in some of the cases, the travel insurance companies are can also cancel down your travel plan, but this is to be in writing. Therefore, we recommend that you review all of your policy certificates as well as deeply understand some rules related to how to cancel your travel insurance policy.

Or if speaking technically, you can’t simply cancel travel insurance at your own convenience. you’ll need to cancel your policy within a period of time termed a Review Period, which begins at the moment of your purchase and ends at a time determined by your travel insurance provider.

You must have received a copy of your travel insurance policy through or by the means of e-mail which is done by the insurance provider that will let you know about where you are going to find the information relating to cancelling your policy as well as the customer service number and the information about your policy number.

A travel cancellation cover included in a travel insurance policy providing you cover against your cancelled holiday. Moreover, you can also compare travel insurance policies.

Which companies offer Annual travel insurance?

As many companies are offering annual travel insurance depending upon the various niche, they are specialized in serving the people’s need. There exist the best travel insurance companies classified based on their specialization while here we are mentioning some:

  • InsureMyTrip
  • IMG Global
  • Allianz travel insurance
  • Travelex Insurance Services
  • World Nomads


While considering the travel insurance option you will see that Frequent travellers usually opt for a single plan for all their trips in a year or we can say they choose annual travel insurance for themselves. Annual travel insurance proves as a quite economical travel insurance plan to choose over the single travel insurance.


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