Nowadays, parents are well-aware of the importance of early education in the life of their children. The age between 3-5 is when a child starts showing rapid brain development, and hence there are some prescribed milestones the child needs to achieve as a “preschooler”. It could have been easily attained in a pre-pandemic period by enrolling the child in preschool, but parents are at sea with the outbreak of Covid-19. With early learning at home, parents no longer need to compromise their child’s education for health.

Why should a child be enrolled on early learning programs?

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  • Holistic development

Things learnt by children during an early age stay with them for life. It paves the way for their emotional, social and cognitive developments in future. Hence, children must get the best to be the best. 

Children learn best when they don’t realise that they are learning. Hence carefully researched tailor-made learning materials are needed to make sure that a child learns in the most effective and fun way. Some of the best online platforms for early learning, like Shichida at Home, provides the best educational products for preschoolers.

  • Love for learning

The taste of learning that children get at the start can make them love or hate learning. Hence it is always essential to make them learn without making them feel compelled. It is where parents often fail. But with carefully researched educational products, workbooks and other materials, children can be lured into the world of learning, making sure of a long-lasting bond between them and education.

  • Safety

While daycares and preschools are perfect places for learning and fun, this isn’t the case with the pandemic outbreak. But learning the right things at the right age is crucial for children’s overall development. Preschool learning at the comfort of home solves this problem.

  • Enhances Creativity

Early learning programs are specially designed to boost the creativity of young minds. The activities prescribed in the curriculum pushed children to think out of the box, developing a creative flair right from childhood.

  • Connection with Numbers

Fear of numbers or maths anxiety is connected to the early learning experiences of children in the subject. Early learning programs for mathematics are designed so that a child falls in love with numbers and doesn’t fear them, and good experiences concerning the subject will make a lasting positive impact on children’s lives.

How can parents benefit from early learning programs at home?

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  1. Saves Time: These online learning programs can be helpful for time-poor parents. The educational products are age-specific and hence are well-researched and tailor-made products. Programs like this save parents from the cumbersome task of hunting for perfect learning materials good enough to retain their children’s interest. 
  2. Compatible with any devices– Most of the online learning programs developed are compatible with any devices. Hence one should not worry about laptops or other specific devices to make these programs accessible to their children.
  3. Makes WFH easier– With the outbreak of the pandemic and the new normal being’ work from home’, most parents are finding it hard to keep their children out of mischief. Enrolling them on online learning programs, in this respect, is beneficial in many ways. It saves parents from the pang of guilt they feel about not spending enough time curating the best materials to kickstart their children’s learning. It also makes WFH easier as with these programs, children are actively engaged in learning and no longer monkeying around with curious eyes.