A Step by Step Guide On How To Add Page Number In Your PDF With PDFBear

There are many tools used for our PDF files to make our work easier and faster. These tools available are to convert, add page number, split or merge, add an electronic signature, compress, etc., our documents. These tools help us manage our files so that our documents are organized to apply to our needs. 

With PDFBear, they offer plenty of tools used for a PDF file for a lower price while maintaining the files’ quality and keeping our files secured since PDFBear has 256-Bit encryption. Here, we will learn how to Add Page Number step by step.

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Adding a Page Number

For professional-looking documents, we intend to add page numbers to PDF files. This helps to locate the files that we ought to find or show to others. Adding page numbers became easy and faster with the help of PDFBear. By just following PDFBear’s 4-step instructions, our essential files are good and ready to be sent out. 

First, we select the PDF file that we demand to attach the page numbers. Then, we have to wait for the file to upload to their system. Once uploaded, we can edit and modify our files to where we would want our page numbers to be located. After we have sorted out the page numbers to our files, PDFBear asks us to click on “Number Pages,” and the modified files will be ready for download.

With PDFBear, we can also customize the position and typography of our added numbers to our files. Also, by acknowledging the first page as the cover page, we can keep adding page numbers to them.

Other PDFBear Tools they Offer

PDFBear also offers other essential tools to our PDF files like Merging, Splitting, Compressing, Signing, and Converting. As to merging, it means combining two or more files in one. Merging could locate our documents faster and easier, and it also gives us more storage space.

Also, It makes us more organized and could help avoid any possible conflicts that we might face, e.g., printing error or lost files.

By splitting, it means breaking apart a PDF document into several files. It makes a smaller size file and more comfortable to locate without navigating to a lot of bookmarks. While compressing a PDF file means making the file size smaller. Compressing a PDF file makes it easier and faster to send an email, efficient to all users.

Signing a PDF file means protecting the document’s integrity. Lastly, converting a PDF means modifying our files into a format that we want, from or to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, HTML, or PDF/A. 

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PRO Membership with PDFBear

PDBear PRO users can have access to everything with no limitation anytime they want. They are given unlimited task conversion, unlimited storage space, unlimited file storage, unlimited upload size of the files, and converted tasks. We will also have a higher upload speed in percentage and be prioritized in technical or customer support.

Our work would be easier and hassle-free by being a PRO member since everything they offer is unlimited, given with a maximum of 2GB file size for our upload, which is very big if you may ask. For only $5.99 a month, we can enjoy all their services without any interruption.

Safety and Security

Making their priority to secure our files, we are always safe with PDFBear as they guarantee this with their 256-BIT SSL security encryption, we are assured that our files are completely safe. PDFBear deletes all the files that we upload to their system after an hour, this assures us that our files would not come to terms with other people’s business and be copied or edited out.

If you have a PRO membership, by accessing our files in “My Account” from “File Management.” PDFBear will keep our files, and we can manually delete them to be deleted on their server.

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PDFBear is a safe and secured online platform where we could utilize their tools in a quick and easy way while having the document’s quality to its best. It is cheap and can be accessed anywhere at any time for anyone by just connecting to the internet. PDFBear supports all kinds of electronic devices. Thus, we can access it on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. 

PDFBear also supports all software types, and we can access the platform with Microsoft, iOS, or Linux. This makes it convenient for all users. 


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