7 Ways You Can Improve Your Client Relationships Today

Client relationships, excellent ones, don’t form overnight. Good relationships take consistent effort and attention to develop. Maintaining solid client relationships means happy clients and can lead to more business. 

There are seven ways you can improve your client relationships today.

1. Keep Up Communication

One of the main components of a good client relationship is communication. Without consistently talking to your clients, a good relationship has no foundation to build upon. Stay in touch, check-in, and tell your clients about new developments or opportunities. 

Keeping up communication doesn’t mean you must be in contact with your client at any moment. But you should be checking in frequently and investing in the relationship.

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2. Establish Clear Expectations

You don’t want to disappoint a client and fail to meet their expectations. You can avoid this by setting clear expectations and boundaries at the outset. Be clear about what support you offer and the specifics of your services. That way, the client will know exactly what to expect, and you will avoid confusion.

3. Be Responsive To Client Needs

Each client has different needs and goals. Try to understand what each of your clients is looking to achieve and be responsive to their needs. Act as a partner and support your clients in their goals. 

Clients also sometimes change their goals or their business shifts. Make yourself available during these times of change and be there when your clients need you. Even the most low-maintenance clients expect their advisors to respond when they have questions or when their situation changes. 

4. Be Personable Yet Professional 

Don’t forget that your relationship with your clients is a human one. You should always remain professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to know a bit about your clients on a personal level. Ask about their kids, pets, or what they like to do in their free time. You can also share a bit of personal information about yourself. 

Adding a human element to your conversations will help your clients feel more comfortable and connected to you. Being personable is one of the most effective ways to foster good, long-term relationships.

5. Share Knowledge

Clients look to you as an expert who stays on top of the latest developments in your field. When you learn of a new industry development or when something changes in the market, make sure to share this with your clients. 

Sharing knowledge helps build trust and solidify your expertise. It can also help your clients make more informed decisions and feel more comfortable. When you have a meeting or a check-in with your client, update them on the latest industry news. You could use a powerpoint presentation to showcase the points to make it more professional. If you are not meeting regularly, simply communicating via email when there is a new industry development can go a long way. If you are not meeting regularly, simply communicating via email when there is a new industry development can go a long way.

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6. Always Be Honest

Clients are looking for someone they can trust. Some advisors make the mistake of being less than straightforward when things aren’t going as well as they’d hoped. That can be a fatal mistake and seriously damage client relationships.

You should always be completely honest and upfront with your clients, even if that isn’t in the interest of your personal business. When you are transparent and straightforward, your clients will respect you and know they can trust you no matter what is going on in the market.

7. Stay Positive

Staying positive is easier said than done, but it is critical to maintaining good client relationships. No client wants to work with an advisor who brings negative energy. You want to be someone your client looks forward to talking to rather than someone who brings down their day.

Of course, being positive doesn’t mean that you have to be dishonest. It’s important to always be straightforward with your clients and tell them the truth about the state of their accounts or portfolios. However, maintaining a positive attitude gives your client confidence that things will continue to go in the right direction. 

By following these eight tips, you can foster great client relationships that help increase your clients’ comfort and confidence and grow your business.