7 Tips to Protect Yourself from Insurance Companies Following an Accident

Protecting people in the event of an accident or injury is how insurance companies make money is what the general belief is. But in reality, it is the complete opposite. They often delay, contest, or adopt strategies to reduce the amount you are entitled to receive.

The insurance company will call you immediately after a car accident to try and lowball you with their strategies. It is advisable to hire an expert personal injury attorney to protect yourself from these insurance companies and get fair compensation.

Here are seven recommendations to keep in mind to protect yourself from insurance companies.

  • Strictly Follow Your Doctor’s Recommendations

You should follow your doctor’s recommendations about the activities you can perform. Don’t defy your doctor’s advice if they ask you not to lift anything heavier than a certain weight or to avoid engaging in certain activities. If you don’t follow your doctor’s order, the insurance company might claim that your injuries are not severe. Avoid doing any activity that can make your claim in danger.

  • Make Your Conversation Private

You should advise your relatives and friends to keep their conversations and social media postings about you private. Also, a private eye or insurance adjuster can scan your social media accounts for damaging content.

  • Understand Your Legal Rights

An insurance adjuster can spy on you if you are outside your home or in a public place. However, you don’t have to have them inside your home or on your property. If you ask them to leave and they refuse, they are trespassing. Call 911 if you feel uncomfortable.

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  • Avoid Using Apology Words

You should never admit to an accusation, even if it is something many people know. Avoid using sentences like “I’m sorry” or “It was my fault.” Never apologize to insurance companies, the other driver, or the police.

The insurance company will use these words and phrases against you, even if you’re being nice and not knowingly admitting to a crime.

  • Be Careful When Signing Documents 

Your insurance provider will likely require you to sign an accident statement or paperwork after an accident. Any paper they ask you to sign should be treated with caution and suspicion. These documents often limit your legal rights, which may prevent you from pursuing the value of your claim you deserve.

  • Restrict Your Social Network

The best way to protect yourself from the insurance company is to avoid social networking. If this is not possible, you should be careful about what you post on social media to avoid giving the insurance provider a reason to deny your claim. Avoid posting photos of your car accident or your injuries that can misinterpret on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other website.

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  • Hire a Legal Attorney to Determine Your Claim Value

Insurance companies sometimes limit their reimbursement to costs incurred due to physical injuries. Other significant expenses that insurance companies could offer to pay after an accident include medical fees, car repairs, and lost wages. Working with a lawyer helps ensure that you can assess your case’s genuine worth properly. A lawyer can vigorously seek all your damages depending on the specifics of your case.

Insurance companies’ primary goal is to pay you less, so they use different tactics to convince you to accept their offer. Therefore, legal representation can help you avoid them and act as an intermediary between those responsible and the insurance companies.