7 Important Steps To Follow To Sell Your Annuity Payments

When you plan to sell your annuity payments there are certain things that you must undertake if you want to ensure that the final process goes smoothly and that you can get the highest value possible out of your annuity contract. With the proper steps, selling your annuity payments can be a simple, straightforward process that nets you extra cash in your pocket quickly, so let’s take a look at what those steps are!

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company For Approval

The first step towards selling your annuity payment is to make sure that you contact your insurance company to seek their approval. Contacting your insurance company helps initiate the process as you let them know that you are looking to sell payments, and they will help you get started. They can discuss all of your options in more detail so that you don’t miss anything important when it comes time to decide what route is best for you.

Once you have taken care of all of those details, it will be time for you to start talking numbers! You might have one idea about how much you should sell or receive for your payments, but not everyone else involved might think as highly of it as you do.

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  1. Decide How Much Money You Need

Your next step is to look at how much money you would like to receive from selling annuities for cash. Make sure that you have chosen an amount that meets all of your financial needs so that there aren’t any problems or issues when it comes time for payouts. However, make sure you have realistic expectations depending on your annuity and market values. You can also use reliable online annuity calculator tools and infographics to estimate how much you can make from selling your annuities.

As long as you set a reasonable target amount that would be useful to you getting started should be easy. You may also want to familiarize yourself with any new rules or regulations surrounding selling annuities. The essential thing is to research exactly how much annuities usually sell for in today’s market.

  1. Know The Tax Implication

In most cases annuities are nontaxable, at least in part. However, there are special rules for the taxation of deferred annuities. There are some stipulations on tax payments you might need to know about before going through with a sale. Hence, ensure you work with a qualified tax professional if you have any questions regarding taxes relating to your annuity payments. In this case, knowing your tax obligation is an essential step in making sure you are receiving all of your money from your annuity payments.

  1. Complete And Submit The Necessary Paperwork

Preparing accurate paperwork is a necessary step you need to take to sell your annuity payments and receive cash. Ensure that you have all of your paperwork in order. The documents include;

  • Release agreement
  • Completed application form
  • Your original annuity contract
  • Your identification documents

In addition, make sure that you have appropriate beneficiary documents drawn up to ensure that loved ones will not lose anything if something happens to you. If you don’t already have them, start drafting these now. After that is complete, it’s time to find an approved buyer who will pay top dollar for your monthly payments from your annuity agreement.

  1. Find A Reputable And Reliable Annuity Buyer

Finding a reputable annuity buyer is essential. There are thousands of scammers out there who will talk you into letting them handle your annuities for you, only to steal your money. To avoid becoming a victim ensure you get a company with experience, good reviews, and has no complaints against it with state or federal consumer protection agencies or the Better Business Bureau. Your equity buying company must look professional on its website. However, always be cautious not to fall victim to scammers. Confirm that your company of choice operates legally before commiting yourself.

Beyond everything, you want a company that pays you the highest amount possible in an easy process. The company must be willing to work closely with you every step of the way. A company that pays out to their clients shortly after the paperwork is over might be the best one for you. You can search for Sell My Annuity Payments to find out more information and help you make the best decisions while selling out your annuity payments.

  1. Negotiate The Price

Knowing what you want out of your annuity is essential before deciding on a buyer. If you are hoping to sell your annuity payments quickly, it may be wise to negotiate a lower price than looking for a more long-term solution that provides a steady income stream. However, once you agree to sell your payment rights to a particular buyer, it can be hard to back out of any legal contracts set in place unless you do so amicably with no backlash from either party involved.

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  1. Sign The Transfer Documents And Receive Your Payments

After agreeing on the offer price with a buyer, your buyer will prepare a purchase agreement for you to sign and for notarization. Signing the purchase agreement protects both parties under the law in case of any disputes or unexpected occurrences which may arise once you sell your annuity. Return the documents as soon possible so that you can receive your payments fast.


The best thing about using annuities is planning for your future. If you sell your annuity payments you will be able to get rid of one of the financial burdens that may keep you awake at night. However, getting a licensed and reputable annuity buying company is crucial to achieving your goals. We Pay More Funding is an annuity buying company that will pay you more and help you sell your annuity payments without hassle.