6 Best Handcrafted Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden glasses are gaining popularity because of their stylish appeal, like how the PBS childhood fictional character, Arthur Timothy Read from Elwood City wears one. There are now wooden eyewear frames that have unique looks that are suitable for everyone’s style. Aside from wood frame prescription glasses, many companies have begun promoting handcrafted wooden sunglasses that can protect our eyes from harmful sun rays while still being environmentally friendly and stylish.

Wooden frames are also durable due to the sturdiness of wood products. Each pair of these glasses is unique from one another when made out of wood. These sunglasses are also lightweight, sustainable, and very eco-friendly, which only adds to the beauty of these ongoing trends. 

Here are the best wooden sunglasses to buy suitable for everyone who wishes to protect their eyesight. 

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Best Handcrafted Wooden Sunglasses

1. Woodies’ Walnut Woodfarer Sunglasses 

These sunglasses from Woodies are simple but offer an attractive-looking finish. Their arms are made from walnut wood that supports the plastic frames of its lenses. Their dark polarized lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection that can surely protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. These Walnut Woodfarer Sunglasses from Woodies are equipped with double hinges to maintain their shape and sturdiness. These sunglasses are very stylish, durable, yet still comfortable to wear. 

Features: Dark and tinted polarized lenses, offers 100% UVA/UVB protection, anti-reflective lens, and are made from walnut wood. 

Price: $34.00

2. Hammockable Brown Maple Wood Sunglasses 

This beautiful pair of handmade sunglasses made of real maple wood offers stronger and more durable than bamboo-made eyewear. It is made from 100% maple wood and presents a fashionable overall look. It has beautiful patterns perfectly carved on its arms, with a free bamboo box for its case. These sunglasses from Hammockable have polarized lenses with up to UV400 protection from harmful rays. They are best suited for summer-loving people who often go to beaches and water adventures as they float, aside from being environmentally friendly.

Features: Made from 100% maple wood, UV400 sun protection, polarized lenses, beautifully carved patterns, and floating sunglasses.

Price: $79.99 

3. 4EST’s Etched Cherry Wood Shades 

These light-browned sunglasses from 4EST are also made from real maple woods. They also feature UV400 sun protection perfect for our eyes. They also come with a free personalized bamboo case to ensure the protection of these sunglasses along with a cloth pouch, and microfiber cloth. 4EST’s sunglasses are sturdy, durable, and suited for everyone because of their universal size. These wooden sunglasses can also float and can come in two sizes: 55m or 51mm based on your preference. 

Features: Made from real maple woods, UV400 sun protection, polarized lenses, universally fit, and can come in 55mm or 51mm lens size. 

Price: $79.99 

4. Woodword’s Polarized Wood Sunglasses 

WoodWord’s handmade sunglasses are made of 100% bamboo wood. The frames come with a free bamboo case and with engraved words of the brand. These sunglasses also have an anti-reflective and polarized lens that protects our eyes from harmful sun glare and UV rays. While made of bamboo, the natural finish still reflects a wooden-style product. The dark-brown finish of these sunglasses is remarkably stylish and beautiful. The brand carvings on its free bamboo case also add appeal to the glasses. This eyewear also features 51mm lens sizes and comes in three colors: black, brown, and blue. 

Features: Made of 100% bamboo wood, UV400 protection from harmful rays and sun glares, 51mm lens, offers three colors in lenses

Price: $36.99

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 5. Woodies’ Full Frame Zebra Wood Polarized Sunglasses

Another stylish wooden pair of sunglasses from Woodies are made from 100% real zebra wood. It is completely wooden from its frames to its arms. It has a unique and beautiful design while providing 100% UVA/UVB protection perfect for everyone. The lenses of these eyeglasses are also polarized that can shield the eyes even under extreme lighting. These glasses come with a complementary black case, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a wood guitar pick. 

Features: Made from 100% zebra wood, 100% UVA/UVB protection, polarized and dark lenses, with intricate wood striation designs

Price: $60.00

6. Mitchell Made Maple Wood Sunglasses 

These brandish-looking and elegant sunglasses are made from real maple and ebony wood. They give off a classic and vintage style look while providing polarized lenses and 100% UV protection to keep your eyes away from strain and irritation. They are perfect for all genders and facial features making it unisex wooden sunglasses. These glasses come with a free leather case and microfiber cloth that will maintain their durability and beauty for a long time. 

Features: Made from maple and ebony wood, classic and vintage style, 100% UV protection, free leather case, and a microfiber cloth, perfect for every facial structure and all gender 

Price: $69.00