5 Ways To Use Proxies To Generate Revenue

Proxies go far beyond anonymity and give people ways to earn an extra dollar. Whether selling data, verifying ads or doing competitor analysis, proxies help you achieve these tasks efficiently and anonymously. Would you like to perform competitor research and data scraping easily? Proxies can make that happen.

Earn Money With the Help of Proxies

Not only do proxies open new ways to earn income, but they also help enterprises increase their revenue. A prime example is how sneaker resellers use proxies (together with bots) to buy shoes before competitors get a chance.

Build a Public Proxy Service With Advertisements

People use proxies to mask their identity when browsing the web for various reasons. How about serving a community of internet users seeking free proxies? To do this, you must set up a website and get a few computers and offer them as public proxies, which means that anyone can utilize them for their own purpose. After that, enable advertising on your proxy website to earn money from ad clicks and views.

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Sell Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Information

With the proliferation of e-commerce and online revenue, search engine optimization (SEO) has never been more critical. However, the competition globally is fierce, and one has to employ effective strategies to get a decent market share of traffic. People often think that SEO has to do with your website’s age. But some websites rank faster than others due to superior strategies. Put simply, it is more about knowing the right keywords and optimizing for them.

Using a proxy, one can scrape the web for keywords popular for a particular niche. Not only can you use this data to make your own website rank higher, but you can also sell such information to other website owners. They then use the keywords to come up with effective SEO strategies. 

Use Social Media Marketing to Generate Income

As you probably know, social media has, over the years, become a giant money-making machine if leveraged correctly. Many individuals and companies generate income via social media campaigns. However, when one is starting out, it isn’t easy to get traction, and it is often time-consuming.

Using proxies (residential) in conjunction with social media management software, you can scale your social campaigns. You can leverage the traffic by opening multiple accounts with the appearance of them coming from varying IP addresses. Some industrious companies implement this strategy to sell traffic and followers or to build social proof on various platforms. For that to work, however, one needs tested residential proxies to avoid mishaps or IP leakage. 

Be a Distributed Denial of Service Tester

Hackers use denial-of-service attacks to disrupt or shut down activities on chosen websites. Not only do these affect enterprises, but government entities and even influential people have fallen victim. Therefore, it’s safe to say that anyone who owns a website fears such attacks. With a couple of notches in coding ability and your proxies in hand, you are well on your way to making a decent living assessing the security of websites. DDoS testing is a business venture that’s quick and easy to set up.

Establish SSL Encryption With Reverse Proxy

For websites to earn user trust, they must attain what is known as a Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate. This credential can be costly, especially for people with multiple websites, as each site would require its own certificate. 

With this method, you will make getting the certification cheaper for website owners and earn some income simultaneously. Not only that, but this method also helps your clients achieve credibility.

Using your proxy as the certified website, your clients route traffic from their sites through you. In this manner, they will not have to buy different certifications for their websites. Bear in mind that this method works best with rotating IPs. They further protect you and your clients since they increase anonymity and privacy.

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For the business-minded individual, proxies are a money-making opportunity. These are only five ways to earn with proxies, and believe us, there are a lot more methods to discover with further research. Not all approaches are legal, and we do not encourage fraudulent activities using proxies. Stick to the ethical ones, and make your money the right way.