5 Reasons You Need a Dedicated Server for Your Ecommerce Business 

If you’re running an ecommerce company, you know that your website is everything. From usability, page speed, to overall site security, you need to be offering your customers the best online experience to succeed in the competitive ecommerce world. For these reasons and more, ecommerce business owners are turning to using a dedicated server for their site hosting needs. Utilizing your own dedicated server for your site can ensure that you offer your customers a blazing fast site with top of the line functionality and security. 

But what exactly is a dedicated server? And does my ecommerce really need this level of dedication for its hosting needs? Of course, not every website necessarily needs their own dedicated server, but if you’re looking to optimize your site and take it to the next level, a dedicated serve could be just the trick. Here, we’re taking a closer look at what a dedicated server is and what it can offer your ecommerce business. 

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What is a Dedicated Server?

Let’s start here at the beginning: what exactly is a dedicated server? Basically, a dedicated server is a server used for hosting websites (or even online games with dedicated gaming servers) that allow you to have complete access to the server’s resources. A dedicated server is a computer that is used to host a website or an applicant from a single tenant. Using a dedicated server is ideal for high-end hosting needs because it ensures that you don’t have to share any of these valuable resources with others also trying to host their sites.

With a dedicated server, you can have exclusive access to all the resources available—this includes the server’s RAM, bandwidth, internet networks, CPU, and storage capacity. With this type of access, you’ll have unmatched performance, better security for your page, and the ability to customize your hardware and design. When it comes down to it, using a dedicated server for your hosting needs is all about getting the most from your server and having unmatched customization. Isn’t it time you took your website or ecommerce to the next level? If so, it’s time to check out a dedicated server. 

5 Reasons Your Ecommerce Business Needs a Dedicated Server

Compared to using a traditional hosting option, countless website owners have discovered a range of important benefits from using your own dedicated server. Whether choosing to build your own or lease out a dedicated server from a dedicated server provider, this is truly the best way to optimize your hosting, and as a result, improve practically every facet of your overall website. While this service isn’t free, there are still many benefits that can make the cost well worth it in the big picture.

Take a look at why your ecommerce company could benefit from the unparalleled access offered by a dedicated server:

  1. Exclusive access to server resources: do any of us really like to share everything? One of the premier dedicated server benefits is found entirely in the name—it’s dedicated for your hosting needs. With a dedicated server, you have it all—access to full disk space, RAM, bandwidth, and more just for the success of your ecommerce company. You’ll also have root access to the server. What does this mean? Essentially, you can add or remove software or applications as needed and detail out exclusive settings. If you want complete control over your web hosting, a dedicated server, then without a doubt, is the way to achieve this as fast as possible.
  1. Better performance: performance is crucial when it comes to web hosting and running a successful online business. Whether you have a smaller site or one that drives in thousands of sales each month, slow loading times and lag will be your greatest enemy and drive away potential customers. Dedicated servers erase these fears and issues as you get top-notch performance with all the memory and RAM you need and fast page speeds.  
  1. Improved security: web security is essential for the safety of your online customers and for the safekeeping of your own personal information. With more web hackers out there than ever before, the security of your web hosting needs to be a top priority. The server infrastructure of your own server includes features like firewalls and around-the-clock security monitoring, which means you can rest easy knowing your data is secure.
  1. Reliability: with an exclusive dedicated server for your company, reliability is certainly one of the most prominent and important benefits. When hosting a website or playing an online game, there’s simply nothing worse than a sudden server crash. This situation, however, becomes much less likely when you have a dedicated and secure server at your disposal. With additional resources available for your company, the server has you covered during times of particularly high traffic.
  1. Peace of mind: perhaps the most valuable, dedicated servers offer you peace of mind as you can rest assured that your site and hosting is in good, secure hands. Offload site security and maintenance so you can focus on successfully running and growing your very own ecommerce empire. 

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Conclusion – 5 Reasons You Need a Dedicated Server for Your Ecommerce Business

If your online business is looking to optimize your web presence and hosting, you definitely need to consider the myriad of benefits offered by having your own dedicated server. A dedicated server for your ecommerce business ensures that you’ll have total access and control over your server hosting. No matter your needs, a dedicated server is an efficient and effective way to speed up your page speed, improve your network security, and fight lag and the potential downtime of your site crashing.

Additionally, with off-sit cloud hosting, you never have to worry about issues with your own power grid. A dedicated server is what you need in the competitive marketplace to take your website and hosting to the next level.