5 Must-Visit At the SEA Aquarium You Shouldn’t Miss

One of the best places to visit in Singapore is the SEA Aquarium located in the Resorts World Sentosa. This aquarium is currently the second world’s largest aquarium by total water volume. It contains 45,000,000 liters of water and exhibits more than 100,000 underwater animals of over 800 species!

When it is safe to travel overseas again, you must visit this place at least once in a lifetime to witness the grand and majestic view of the vast tanks with marine animals on it. SEA Aquarium tickets can be bought easily via online booking through its official website or other ticketing service, like Traveloka. It will save your time as well as money because booking online usually comes with perks of getting extra discount. 

If you come here later, don’t skip these must-visit places inside SEA Aquarium to make your trip even more memorable and magnificent.

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  1. The famous Open Ocean Habitat

It is safe to say that this place is one of the crowd’s favorite spots in the SEA Aquarium. As the name suggests, this vast tank will give you a glimpse of looking at the depth of the open sea. This floor to ceiling tank is home to multitude marine species; more than 40,000 creatures to be exact.

You can enjoy schools of fish swimming by, sharks and giant manta rays that are really a majestic view to witness. There are benches facing the tank that are available in this area, so you can take as much time as you like to enjoy the vast ocean in front of your eyes. This is also the most favorite spot to take pictures with the marine animals that swim freely here.

  1. See sharks swim above you

Go to the Shark Seas Habitat to experience out-of-this-world experience because you can stroll the tunnel full of sharks here and there. Yes, the sharks swim freely here; can be on your side or above your head. With 360-degree vision, this tunnel will make you feel like you’re underwater and surrounded by different types of sharks.

There are about 100 shark species here; from the unique and endangered shark like hammerhead to silvertips shark. You can find them all here. Fancy a very close encounter with wild sharks? You can try Shark Dive if you have lots of courage to see sharks in a very close proximity. But you have to check with the aquarium if such an event is still open or suspended for safety reasons.

  1. Find Nemo and Dory

The fishes from the popular movie Finding Dory are real fish species by the way. Nemo and Marlin are clownfish and Dory is blue tang. You can start ‘hunting’ them at the Live Coral Habitat. While Dory the blue tang loves to swim all around the tank, but the clownfish aka Nemo and Marlin are harder to spot as they love to hide inside anemone or lay still at the bottom of the tank.

Aside from those popular fishes due to the movies, at the Live Coral habitat you’ll be able to see countless colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs. This habitat looks so vibrant and beautiful. The small fishes love to swim a lot too!

  1. Look closely of how the underwater animals eat

SEA Aquarium also has special programs that will allow you to witness with your own eyes how these marine animals eat and how the professional divers feed them. You can check out the schedule for animal feeding for Shark Feed, Shipwreck Habitat Feed, Coral Garden Feed and of course the popular Open Ocean Habitat Feed. 

It will be an amazing view to see I bet!

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  1. Getting closer to sea stars

Go to Coral Garden Habitat to experience touching the starfish. Yes, the visitors are allowed to touch this beautiful creature, but make sure you just pat it gently to not startle or worse, hurt it. There will be staff to watch over you there, use this chance to get closer with these sea stars and snap a picture or two for proof that you have visited this place.

Oh how to be able to travel overseas frequently again. Let’s hope the situation gets better soon and the world starts opening its borders again, so we can fly there and have a blast vacation ever. And of course, don’t forget to put SEA Aquarium in your upcoming Singapore itinerary for an incredible, jaw dropping experience.