5 Distinct Tumblers For Your Next Promotion 

Tumblers seem to be all the rage in the beverage and drinkware industry these days. Tumblers are simple—essentially just an insulated cup with a lid and straw—but they offer a deceptively vast amount of value in the way of marketing. Whether you just want to generate buzz about your business, draw new customers into your establishment, or provide some giveaway items for an event, you can’t go wrong with tumblers. Tumblers are easy to use, durable, and perfect for traveling, making them an ideal marketing tool. Here are five distinct tumblers to use for your next promotion.

Vacuum Sealed

Vacuum-sealed tumblers are the gold standard of drinkware. To be vacuum-sealed, a tumbler must be completely airtight, which means your drinks will stay cold or hot for hours on end. Vacuum seal works by artificially creating a vacuum in the cup. It sounds much more scientific than it actually is. All that happens is manufacturers take a traditional double wall tumbler and drill a hole in one of the walls. When air goes through, it gets sucked out of the hole and trapped in the space between the walls. This creates the vacuum effect that prevents any kind of heat or cold transfer from affecting the cup. That’s why these tumblers are growing in popularity and becoming a staple of the types of drinkware that people use every day.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tumblers are incredibly popular these days. It’s a durable and scratch resistant material that is also easy to use and clean. It offers a sort of “best of both worlds” approach between a water bottle and a tumbler. Offering stainless steel custom tumblers with your logo to your customers is a great way to boost your cells and get more exposure for your business. If your logo is prominently displayed on awesome products like a stainless steel tumblr, people are more likely to use it, talk about it, and show it to others around them. This ultimately leads to increased brand awareness and might eventually drive more business to your company.

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Double Walled 

Double walled tumblers are the gold standard for this type of drinking vessel. In a double wall double walled tumbler design, there are two layers of stainless steel without vacuum between them. This insulated design keeps your beverages hot or cold for hours, but not as consistently or as long as its vacuum-sealed counterparts. They are less costly than vacuum sealed tumblers and offer many of the same benefits. They can be eco-friendly as well as usable for many years. When choosing a double walled tumbler, it is important to consider the size, shape, and material of the tumbler. They are one of the ideal conduits for promotional advertising because you can put a logo or marketing message on them and get a large amount of them for a relatively low cost. That means you can give them away or sell them and still get plenty of marketing value from these amazing cups.

Travel Mugs

Most people are extremely busy every day. That’s why travel mugs are a great offering for your customers. They offer the standard promotional benefits as other types of tumblers but with the bonus of being designed specifically for travel. They have lids designed to prevent spills while traveling, making them a godsend to coffee lovers everywhere. Travel mugs are a great choice for people who are constantly crunched for time and could benefit from sipping their coffee on the go.

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Promotional Tumblers with Lids

Sometimes, a typical or regular tumbler just isn’t enough to pique the interest of potential customers. Instead, you need something unique or compelling. Sometimes, a novelty can be a real winner when it comes to generating brand interest/awareness. There are flask-shaped tumblers, orb-shaped tumblers, and tumblers with lids and straws. The latter is one of the best promotional marketing items one can get. Tumblers with lids are a great way to keep your drink insulated while also keeping it safe from spills. They are perfect for both hot and cold beverages and can be used for coffee, tea, or any type of drink. Tumblers with lids are a great way to promote a brand because they can be printed with your logo (or any given marketing message). It can also be fun to put an image or customized name on one of these tumblers for a customer. Tumblers with lids and straws are practical, reusable items that offer plenty of value. They can be used on the go, at home, at the office, making them the perfect tumblers to use for your next marketing campaign.