5 Best New Altcoins to Invest In

Finding the best Cryptocurrencies, especially Altcoins, to invest in can be a bit difficult in this market where new Cryptocurrencies are being developed every day. So, here are some of the best new Altcoins to invest in and earn a high profit against your investment. To help promote Altcoins further, you might need the help of a Marketing Affiliate network too. 

  1. Lucky Block

The first pick for new Altcoins to invest in is Lucky Block. This Cryptocurrency has been developed to revolutionize the lottery industry as it is now. The Binance Smart Chain hosts lucky Block, utilising Blockchain technology to completely change traditional lotteries. They aim to do this by offering complete transparency. 

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They reduce the draw times among other times to greatly increase the user’s chance of winning the lottery. The foundation of this network is its token, called LBOCK. A portion of the fees from the token is distributed back to its readers in the form of a reward. There is a built-in ‘burn rate’ in LBLOCK, so its supply decreases with time, increasing its prices as per the supply and demand formula. All of this makes Lucky Block an excellent investment for investors looking for innovation.

  1. Aave

Another new Cryptocurrency that is considered an excellent investment by expert analysts is Aave. This is suggested as the best currency that should be bought within the DeFi space as the DeFi protocols allow for fast and secure borrowing and lending of Cryptocurrencies. Aave utilizes liquidity pools operated through Smart Contracts to automatically set the interest rates and collateral ratios. These are reasons why Aave is a promising new Cryptocurrency worthy of investment.

  1. Shiba Inu

The next new Cryptocurrency on the list of new Cryptocurrencies is Shiba Inu (SHIB). Much of the appeal of this coin is based on the social media hype, just like Dogecoin, but with the tangible use cases of this coin, it has a lot of scope for a rise in its prices, making it an excellent investment in 2022.

  1. Stellar (XLM)

Stellar is the next new Cryptocurrency that is innovative and has great potential in 2022. Cryptocurrency is innovative because it allows users to lend, borrow, create or trade digital money. It also allows the users to trade and sell in other digital currencies that might not be associated with Stellar. You need to own some Stellar tokens to trade in other digital currencies.

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  1. Cardano

Cardano has had some difficulty in the past months, but the open-source platform has great prospects in 2022. The dApps and Smart Contracts can be created and launched on this platform like Ethereum. But since the network has been developed by academic experts using peer-reviewed literature, it will be considered a safer option over other similar Blockchain networks was, making it an excellent investment.

These were some of the new and innovative Cryptocurrencies that can be invested in but still promise high returns. There is some risk in every Cryptocurrency investment, but the innovation behind these Cryptocurrencies guarantees their returns.