5 Best Bulk CBD Flower Vendors 2021

5 Best Bulk CBD Flower Vendors 2021

The rising popularity of cannabidiol has increased the demand for wholesale CBD flowers. Many people use it for recreational purposes, while others use it for medicinal benefits such as relieving stress, general body discomfort, insomnia, and lowering blood pressure. 

Many companies sell CBD flowers wholesale, but it can be quite challenging to find one that sells good CBD that gives enjoyable experiences. But no need to worry, that’s what this guide is about. We’ll provide you with the key factors to consider when buying CBD hemp flowers and show you the best bulk CBD flower sellers in 2021. 

What You Should Consider When Choosing a Vendor

Brand Reputation

Before purchasing CBD flowers, check the reputation of the brand. You can check the company’s reviews online or the reviews left by customers on their websites. Alternatively, you can ask around about their reliability. Order from vendors that build trust with their customers.

Quality of their Products

The quality of the buds should be the priority when buying CBD flowers. The vendor should have hand-trimmed buds with the seeds removed. You should also check if the buds were cured and stored well. 

The Vendor’s Transparency

The vendor should have Certificates of Analysis on their websites. They should show what is in the CBD flower and its levels. Vendors should provide third-party lab testing reports, where the products are grown, and any other information you need. The seller should update the data regularly.

The Growing Methods

Most people prefer organically grown CBD flowers. This means that the flower should have no trace chemicals like pesticides. A good vendor should detail their growing process from germinating to harvesting. The growing process should follow all federal regulations.

The Shopping Experience

Good vendors should provide their customers with smooth and stress-free shopping experiences by having satisfactory customer services and online support. You should be able to contact the vendor. A vendor without a working phone number or rude staff is a huge red flag. Ensure your vendor packages your CBD flower to look appealing and fulfills your orders on time. Vendors should also offer their customers enticing rice margins.

Find our list of the five best bulk CBD flower vendors in 2021 in no particular order.

Top 5 Bulk CBD Vendors in 2021

Top 5 Bulk CBD Vendors in 2021

  1. Cannaflower 

Cannaflower is one of the best bulk CBD flower vendors. They provide all the information about their cultivation and processing techniques. They can be more expensive than some vendors, but that’s because all their strain selections are outstanding.

Cannaflower produces high-quality buds which are safe and legal. Their buds are hand-trimmed, adequately cured, and preserved at optimal conditions. They also use certified organic fertilizers.

Not only does this vendor produce its own CBD flower, which guarantees their quality, but all their products also have an original certificate of analysis which you can easily access on their website. Their website is user-friendly, and all the information about a product is presented once you click on the product.

You can enjoy free shipping when you buy products worth more than 50 dollars, and their packaging is pleasing.

  1. Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals has strains that have high levels of CBD. Their buds are organically grown and have no extra chemicals and additives. They stamped their unsullied status in the cannabis world by winning the 2020 Golden Grow Awards.

Cheef Botanicals employs a third-party lab to test all their products. You can access all the information about their flower on their website, and in case you need to contact them, they are always available and helpful.

To add on, they have friendly customer support, and their website is easy to use. You can get quality CBD flowers from this vendor without breaking a bank. An added advantage is their refund policy.

  1. Secret Nature

Secret Nature is a reputable vendor that grows their CBD in indoor controlled climates. They grow all their buds organically. Although their prices are high, their products are worth it. Their buds are premium quality and rich in trichomes. You will get your CBD flower in nitrogen-sealed cans that guarantee freshness.

Secret Nature performs third-party testing on their products, and clicking on any product gives you complete information about the product. You will get free shipping if you spend over 100 dollars. They also give all your money back if the product is not opened or in cases where the product is faulty.

  1. Tweedle Farms

This vendor is among the most trustworthy cannabis companies. Tweedle Farms grows its own CBD flower with very low THC levels. This vendor labels all their products, and everything you need to know about the product is easily available. Their staff is accommodating and replies to all queries in time. Tweedle Farms packages your orders in plant-based compostable containers. 

  1. CBD American Shaman

Despite their high prices, doing business with CBD American Shaman is worth it. They sell organic CBD flowers, which are rich in terpenes. The terpenes and the CBD work together synergistically to give amazing benefits. You can readily access the details of each flower on their website. 


With any of these vendors, you are assured of a unique experience in price and strain effect. You can get your CBD flower in bulk from any of these companies. Don’t forget to do your own due diligence on each vendor before any purchase.

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