4 Reasons to Install a Whole-House Surge Protection

Lightning storms have surprisingly become common in the U.S. There’s a high probability of your home experiencing a power surge in such a situation. That is why it’s important that you know how to mitigate the effect it causes on your electrical system.

The best way to protect your home appliances and devices from damage caused by a power surge is to invest in whole-home surge protection. Lighting isn’t the sole reason that has the ability to damage your electrical equipment.

As a matter of fact, power surges often appear to be of no consequence. You probably might have never noticed a quick outage in your home. 80% of power surges are generated internally. That said, even the smallest surge via your wiring can result in dire consequences for your electronics.

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In this article, we’ll be sharing how does a power surge enter your home and why it’s essential that you have a whole-house surge protection device.

Where Does a Power Surge Come From?

Before we dive into the reasons to install whole-house surge protection, let’s first understand where a power surge generates from.

There are many sources of power surges. There are two types of surges – internal and external. External surges originate from the outside of your home, such as when there’s an excessive amount of voltage on your utility line and during power grid switching.

Whereas internal surges happen from the inside of your home, like when you turn on or off large appliances. Although powerful surges from downed power lines and lighting rarely occur, small power surges happen every day when the electrical system is in use.

These small, but everyday power surges can easily deteriorate your electronics and shorten their lifespans. Here are some sources that cause quick electrical transients in your circuit:

  • Power outages
  • Short circuits
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Lightning strikes
  • Malfunctions by your power company
  • Power transitions in large equipment that’s on the same power line
  • Inductive spikes

Despite the fact that lightning strikes are rare, when they happen, you’ll wish you had whole-house surge protection in place.

Why Install a Whole-House Surge Protection?

If your neighborhood is proven to have power surges and you don’t have whole-house surge protection, it’s high time that you invest in one. Here are four compelling reasons for you:


Today’s modern homes have more electrical equipment and gadgets than ever before. Almost every home appliance has its own circuit boards that need to be well protected against power surges.

Moreover, the latest LED bulbs have micro-circuit boards that can be easily compromised by a power surge because they are highly sensitive. The number of personal gadgets in a household has rapidly increased in the last decade. All these gadgets need to be protected.

Whole-house surge protection will ensure that all your personal data is safeguarded during a power surge.

Internally Generated Surges

As shared earlier, most surges are internally generated and are rather short in duration. These surges often happen because of home appliances. They don’t really cause any damage, but they degrade the performance of your appliances and electronics.

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Full Electrical System Protection

Although the main function of a whole-house surge protector is to prevent home appliances and electronics from damage, it also protects your entire electrical system. When a short surge comes from your home appliance on a particular circuit, it sends the surge back via the breaker panel and is then shunted.

In other words, a whole-house surge protection system safeguards every outlet in your home.


You can also consider layering whole-house surge protection. This is very helpful if you have expensive electronics set up in your home. A layered system is connected to your electrical panels and the point where the appliance is plugged in.

If an appliance sends a surge back via a shared circuit, there are chances for it compromising other outlets as well. Layering the surge protection system ensures no other outlet is affected.

In Summary

Whole-house surge protection devices are your best bet at defending your home appliances and electronics against damage caused by power surges. They will need to be connected to the electrical service box in your home.

Your house is bound to experience surge design lighting and thunderstorms, which only makes it more important to invest in a whole-house surge protection.