4 Excellent Watches from Casio’s Oceanus Collection 

Starting as a company manufacturing electronic calculators in Tokyo, Japan in 1946, Casio has gone a long way since the company’s founding. Now fine producers of not only watches but also calculators, pianos, and projectors, Casio has become a household name associated with excellent quality, durability, and great value. 

Known primarily for their watches nowadays, Casio has been producing durable and beautiful watches ever since they have branched out to the watch market. With watches at every price range, Casio caters to people from all walks of life. On the more luxurious side, the Oceanus collection from Casio goes above and beyond the company’s prestige and excellence. 

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About the Casio Oceanus Collection 

Being Casio’s luxury line of watches, the Casio Oceanus collection possesses qualities that cannot be found in Casio’s utilitarian, more affordable watch collections. Though watches in this collection tended to use the same modules as the Edifice and G-Shock watches, the watches from the Oceanus collection feature a sapphire crystal. 

Though this watch collection does not possess features such as a timer and an hourly chime characteristic of G-Shock watches, the Casio Oceanus collection still delivers excellence. The perfect blend of modern technology and sophistication, the Oceanus line is the very definition of premium. With that, here are four brilliant watches from the Casio Oceanus collection. 

Casio OCEANUS Classic Line Smart Access OCW-T2600L-1AJF

With a date display and three subdials, this watch makes telling the time all the more efficient. Not only that, but this watch’s bezel offers a tachymeter display, further adding to this watch’s list of valuable and convenient features. Furthermore, this watch also has a luminescent display making it extremely easy to read time in the dark. 

Featuring great utility and practicality, this watch is also durable due to its stainless steel case, which provides optimal protection. However, its most eminent feature is that it is a smartwatch, meaning that it can be linked to your phone. All in all, the Oceanus T2600 is an excellent and innovative watch– the perfect combination of modern technology and style. 

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Casio Oceanus Radio Wave Solar Classic Line OCW-T3000-1AJF

Equipped with a dashing and elegant design, the Oceanus T3000 is excellent in design and building quality. With a black dial perfectly complemented and protected by a Titanium case. Due to its style and practicality, this watch is the perfect timepiece for every occasion. This timepiece not only has an exquisite design but also has 100-meter water resistance.

Like the T2600, this watch also has three subdials and a date display, while its bezel features a number scale. Its crystal is made of anti-reflective and double-sided sapphire. This, paired with its titanium case, bezel, and band, is guaranteed to make the watch last for more than a lifetime if taken good care of. Overall, this watch is just as excellent as the Oceanus T2600. 

Casio Oceanus OCW-S100B-1AJF

The Casio Oceanus S100B features a sleek black design. This watch is excellent for those searching for a watch that can keep up with all of life’s ups and downs. Its titanium case provides optimal protection, while its bold indexes make for an easier time telling experience. Its silver-tone indexes and hands contrast wonderfully with its black dial, giving it a powerful aura. 

This watch features excellent design and great practicality and functionality, making it perfect for every situation. Sitting at a diameter of 45 mm, this timepiece is guaranteed to fit every man’s wrist perfectly, not only due to its color scheme but also due to its universal and versatile size. Just like the watches above, this is an excellent and superb timepiece. 

Casio Oceanus Manta Radio Solar Smartphone Link OCW-S4000F-7AJF

Providing its users with the ability to link to a smartphone, the Oceanus S4000F timepiece is, yet again, another excellent combination of modern technology and classic as well as timeless design. Featuring a cool and calming color palette, this timepiece will surely be the perfect fit for any person’s wrist. 

This timepiece features a titanium band and case and a silver dial perfectly lined by a blue bezel. Its blue bezel features a tachymeter, adding to this watch’s value not only as an accessory but also as a companion through life. With three subdials and a date section like the first two watches mentioned, this watch is beautiful and useful. 


When the name ‘Casio’ is mentioned, what usually comes to mind are affordable watches. However, with the Oceanus collection, Casio proves to the world that they are more than just a brand producing calculators, affordable watches, and other items of the like. Staying true to Casio’s reputation as a stellar brand, the Oceanus collection brings more bang for your buck.