3 Signs Your Carrier Furnace Filter Should Be Changed

Carrier furnaces play critical roles, especially during the chilly months. These devices keep you and your household warm and comfortable. They also ensure that the air you breathe is free from pollen, animal fur, bacteria, and viruses. Carrier furnaces rely on their filters to give you a cleaner space. However, it may be difficult to know when to change your carrier furnace filters

Statistics show that many homeowners know that they need to change their filters. However, most don’t know the right time to effect this change. It’s advisable to get a new filter before your whole system malfunctions. A broken unit could cause you to spend more money on buying a new furnace. You don’t want this to happen to you because it can strain your budget and add more stress. In this article, you’ll learn about three signs indicating your carrier furnace filters should be changed. 

1. Poor Air Flow

Air filters do a great job of absorbing all kinds of dirt and debris. Over time, they may get clogged, affecting your home’s airflow. Your furnace may also strain to produce the required amount of air. If your filters are extremely blocked, the rooms within your house will get dustier quickly. An increased amount of dust in the air you breathe can increase the severity of your allergies, cause flu-like symptoms, and affect the well-being of your family members and pets.

You should replace your carrier furnace filters when you notice a decrease in airflow. Many companies sell filters with better MERV ratings to keep contaminants out of your home and enable you to breathe in fresh and clean air. You can discuss with a professional your home’s needs, and they’ll recommend a filter with the best MERV rating. 

2. Intermittent Turning On And Off

When dust and debris accumulate on the filter’s surface, they’ll not only inhibit air from flowing, but they’ll also affect your system’s operations. Many carrier furnaces come with sensors that enable them to shut down when they sense the filters are clogged. An overworking air handler may signal your furnace that it’s overheating, causing the sensors to switch it on and off intermittently. Although the switching is necessary to protect your furnace from breaking down, it can affect your comfort. Additionally, it could cause you to keep on resetting your furnace, wasting your time. Replacing the blocked filters with newer ones can save you from these headaches and enable you and your family to enjoy living in a comfortable and clean environment. 

3. Delay In Changing Temperature

Carrier furnaces are designed with sensors that help them to change temperature, depending on your home’s needs. However, they may take longer to attain the desired temperature if their filters are clogged with dirt. A delay in temperature change can make it difficult for you to experience the warmth you need while indoors. Your carrier furnace may also emit a burnt odor as a result of the blower motor malfunctioning. Changing your filters will enable your furnace to easily switch temperatures according to your needs. Also, it will let the furnace’s switches and blower motor operate optimally, keeping your home safe from fire hazards.

The Bottom Line

Replacing blocked filters with newer ones isn’t an inconvenience. Taking this action will let you enjoy a cozy environment free from contaminants such as allergens, pet dander, dust, and smoke. Contact a reputable company today and order new filters if you notice these signs.