10 Video Creator Hacks Only the Pros Know

10 Video Creator Hacks Only the Pros Know

With so many video content creators fighting for their fair share of the market, how can you stand out? Of course, it would be great to have lots of followers because this equates to monetization. At the same time, having tons of fans means you can receive more engagement. As a video creator, it feels incredible to garner many likes, shares, and comments. With each interaction, you also expand your brand’s reach. 

Today, you can optimize various online video-makers to create compelling content. It allows you to make an excellent first and lasting impression. If you want to infuse fresh ideas onto your profile, read on for inspiration. Take a peek at these ten video creator hacks only the pros know. These tips assure you can make the most out of every platform where you distribute your videos. Let’s get started!

  1. Select the Right Editing Software

All video creator pros agree that the journey that creates the best videos rests on the right editing software. Once you’ve got your footage, you must pick the right editor that can help your storyboard come alive. Moreover, select excellent software with an easy user interface, drag and drop function, tons of templates, and many features. This digital tool can make a huge difference in your projects. 

Select the Right Editing Software


  1. Work with the Best Computer 

Though a high-tech computer will not make you a fantastic video creator, having a fast PC or mobile gadget can help you make your editing journey a breeze. With the right device, you can focus on the story you’re weaving. Instead of worrying about annoying tech issues, you can edit fast and render your work in minutes. Moreover, pros agree that investing in a storage device will lead to faster loading, exporting, and causing. This investment provides real value for money that makes it worth it. 

  1. Start with an Amazing Storyboard

Every good video starts with a great plan. You don’t need to draw everything. You can use still images or rough stick figures. The point is to make sure you know what elements you need by the time you film. Consequently, you can avoid missing footage during editing. 

  1. Impress with Logo Animation

Want to look like a professional video creator? Then incorporate an animated logo into your work. Nothing looks more pristine and polished than an eye-catching animated logo to showcase in your videos. With the right editing software, you can make stunning animations with a click of the mouse. You can add the following to animate your direct logo:

  • 3D effects
  • Swivels
  • Lens flares 
  1. Think About Your Filming Location

When shooting your clips, pay attention to your background and lighting. You may prepare the best scene, but it will not look good on the screen if the light quality is terrible. If you don’t have sufficient lighting, incorporate lamps and spotlights in your setup. 

Think About Your Filming Location

  1. Correct Jumpy and Sketchy Audio

Videos contain audio and visual components. Stunning videos become useless when your audio is terrible. Hence, if you don’t want your hard work to go to waste, use an online video maker to polish your sound. With the help of the right tool, you can do the following:

  • Clear background noise
  • Add musical scoring
  • Include sound effects
  • Add voice-over narration

However, you must start with clear sound in your footage. Firstly, invest in an excellent noise-canceling mic. Secondly, shoot in a quiet location. Most of all, make sure your source file is not corrupted when making your final edits. 

Use Powerful Transitions for Each Scene

  1. Use Powerful Transitions for Each Scene

Transitions help you tell your story. If you want a seamless video that doesn’t hurt the eyes, include transition effects. Optimize your video editor to place transitions when you combine two scenes. Popular examples include:

  • Wipe
  • Fade
  • Mix
  • Dissolve
  • Cut
  • Crossfade 
  1. Include Text for Better Understanding

Apart from images and sound, you must include typography in your video. With text, you can assure better comprehension. Moreover, having words can also pave the way for better recall. You can add text in the following:

  • Title page
  • Intro or outro credits
  • Closed captioning
  • Key tips

Resist the Urge to Overdo Effects

  1. Resist the Urge to Overdo Effects

If you want to look like a professional video creator, exercise restraint in using your video software. Too many radial wipes, cuts, dissolves, etc., make your work look amateurish. The best tip is to let your content speak for itself. Use your editor as an enhancement. 

  1. Edit with a Platform in Mind

Finally, edit your videos with a platform in mind. Remember, various social media platforms have different specifications. For best results, take note of the limits of each forum. Thus, you can create compelling content that suits your distribution channel. 

Edit with a Platform in Mind

Final Thoughts 

By following those steps, you’ll maybe have an easier time with your video creation. Experiment with different ideas and find the one most suitable to you as a professional. Now go out there and be creative! 

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